Hard-hitting news extinct: CNN reports on dinosaur ‘foreplay’, almost six years after Forbes

While the public thought triceratops were the only horned dinosaurs, CNN warned its readers that “prehistoric foreplay” brought heat before the ice age.

In a piece titled “The Mysterious Sex Life of Dinosaurs,” CNN senior producer Katie Hunt addresses the burning question of “how do dinosaurs reproduce and how difficult it was to answer” as no fossil captures the two dinosaurs caught in the act. But “close analysis and insight” into living creatures like birds is allowing paleontologists to “integrate the sex life of dinosaurs.”

The report, released Monday, began examining Confucius Sarnis’ plumage and how its “ribbon-like tail feathers” were interpreted as “being used for sexual display.” It then focuses on the behavior of modern male birds known as “leaking”, which was described as “competitive dancing and other love events.” In order to attract the attention of women, “and how dinosaurs” engage in similar mating behaviors, according to fossils in ‘scrap’ 100-year-old rocks. The prehistoric Dakota Sandstone of western Colorado. “

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“It’s physical evidence of prehistoric foreplay that is very similar to birds today,” Martin Lockley, a professor of geology at the University of Colorado Denver, told CNN. “Modern birds using the context of scrap ceremonies usually live near their final nesting sites. So fossil scrap evidence gives a startling indication that dinosaurs in the ‘heat’ may breed here millions of years ago and then nest nearby.”

CNN discovered how protoseratops used “flirty frills” to find mates.

The report then links them to “dino sex” and how dinosaurs met modern-day birds and reptiles in a hole for their physical activity called “cloaca”.

However, Jacob Winter, a paleontologist at the Bristol School of Earth Sciences, believed that some dinosaurs, such as the male Cyticosaurus, had sex like crocodiles, ostriches and ducks.

“From what we can see, this cloaca was not suitable for a cloacal kiss,” Winther told CNN. “Looks like it was intrusive sex.”

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Meanwhile, Dean Lomax, a paleontologist at the University of Manchester, tried to illustrate the sex of dinosaurs.

“If the woman doesn’t like the man, and it swings around its prickly tail, that’s a problem. You look at the possible angles. It could be that they moved the tail tail together for a clutch kiss – a quick bang and that’s it,” Lomax told CNN. Said. “Maybe it can be mounted on the back but (I) Suppose it is more impossible due to the friction of the spike. Another possibility is that the female Stegosaurus may lie and may be mounted from the male side. But it is difficult to know. We don’t really know the sex life of these animals. “

For CNN, it was not the first news outlet to crack the case. In January 2011, Forbes ran a report on “prehistoric foreplay”, quoting Martin Lockley using the same term.

This did not deter CNN from blocking a notification to its app subscribers calling it “prehistoric foreplay.”

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