Harbison x Art Republic Collection 2021

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Harplace Fashion Row, an organization dedicated to creating opportunities for BIPOC designers, has partnered with the Art Republic to launch a sustainable design competition, and this year’s winner is fashion designer Charles Harbison as architect. For the New York-based artist, this is a very important announcement. After working in the fashion industry for many years, Harbison told Yahoo that he has stopped competing and is fighting for money and importance on that platform. “I was really frustrated. I felt like I was being ignored for something we were quite ready to win. The judges would come to me and tell me that and tell me about the politics outside of me. Determining, ”Harbison said. Fast forward to the present day, and this win seems like a full circle moment as Harbison previously worked for three years as a national retailer.

Write Banana Republic x Harbison, a limited edition, durable collection that uses organic matter, natural dyes and limited water production. As a designer, Harbison’s guiding principle is inclusiveness. As he told Popsugar, “I don’t just want to work for men, work for women, or work for non-binary people. Really for tall people.”

Inspired by the concept of modern inheritance, the collection presents colorful pieces that integrate the themes of Harbison’s community, advice, inheritance and interpersonal connection. This partnership is a perfect example of how the major players in the industry can make the designers champion while being aware of the planet. Scroll for our favorite pieces from the collection.

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