HANNITY: ‘Vail’ Joe Biden is proving ‘morally bankrupt’

In his “Opening Monologue” on Friday, Sean Hanniti called President Joe Biden “morally bankrupt,” with photos obtained by a congressman calling the administration “business” in the talks to withdraw female Afghan soldiers by the Taliban for their bloody showings. The administration’s top ally dismissed it as a “high-class problem.”

“Joe Biden has not said a word about the innocent people he has left behind for more than five days. Joe Biden is not only struggling incompetently and intellectually – he is also morally bankrupt and inferior.” Horror photo shared by correspondent Michael Waltz, R-Fla. – He’s a retired Green Beret.

Hanniti added that he kept the photos secret to show innocent children killed by the Taliban:

“These are business-like and not professional diplomats,” Hannity replied. “These are evil terrorists who are now killing the whole family.”

In September, the administration appeared to praise the Taliban’s diplomacy, with National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horn saying in a statement obtained by France24:

“The Taliban are cooperating to facilitate the departure of American citizens and legal permanent residents on charter flights from HKIA. They have shown flexibility, and in this endeavor they have been business and professional with them.”

On the domestic front, Hannity said Biden worked fearlessly to ignore the plight of Americans and insisted that his socio-economic overhaul dubbed human infrastructure would cost zero dollars.

“Now that inflation is spiraling out of control, Joe is hawking নতুন 4 trillion in new costs, and he’s lecturing us all about getting our fair share,” Host said, referring to another appeal from the president when he was speaking at an event just before Hartford, Connecticut. Day.

Regarding Biden’s repeated demands to give American workers “their fair share”, Hannity asked if he would consider applying it to his own son, Hunter Biden:

“We’ll start with your own family, Joe? Your son is under federal investigation for tax fraud and money laundering – does he pay his fair share?”

He noted that Obama’s Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers himself raised concerns about the inflation crisis, while former Trump adviser Peter Navarro predicted on Friday that the United States would soon return to the unbearable stagnation of the 1970s under President James Carter.

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Hannity also noted that one of Biden’s top allies in Congress, Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, recently expressed concern that people in the imperial state may have to choose between food and home heating this winter:

“According to the WSHU – while announcing plans to increase support programs in the federal budget,” supply and demand is one of the cost costs and heating costs. Choose between heating their house or placing it on the dining table. Schumer, however, did not mention Biden in his speech.

“It’s not a top-class problem, and it’s going to get worse,” Hannity said of Biden’s economic crisis.

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