Hanniti torches Biden after explosive Senate hearing: Eyewitnesses say everyone is lying

Fox News presenter Shawn Hannity appeared in “Hannity” on Tuesday, claiming that President Joe Biden had been caught in another “clear lie” in a chaotic effort to end the war in Afghanistan.

Hanniti’s remarks came during a Senate hearing with Biden administration military leaders on the crisis in Afghanistan, which has strained allies and increased the danger in the region.

“45 days from hundreds and hundreds of Americans, their families left behind enemy lines. 45 days from thousands of green card holders, people legally eligible to stay in this country have been abandoned. Thousands of SIV (Special Immigrant Visa) holders and 45 days Their families were abandoned and so were our Afghan allies.

“Sadly, this was not the only blatant lie of Joe Biden, because today on Capitol Hill, Biden’s top military adviser, they repeatedly opposed him.”

Hannity was quoted in an interview between Biden and ABC’s George Stefanopoulos since August, where the president claimed that the need to maintain a military presence in Afghanistan was not suggested by his advisers.

Gen. Mark Millie, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Lloyd Austin, secretary of defense, did not.

“Our so-called commander-in-chief. Remember August 19? He told Democratic Socialist George Stefanopoulos on ABC that his military advisers did not recommend a US military presence in Afghanistan,” Hannity said. “According to everyone who testified on Capitol Hill today under oath, they say Joe Joden was lying.”

Hanniti also claimed that he had not been consulted on the need to maintain a military presence in Afghanistan, noting that Biden’s remarks “are not the lies we have learned today”, that the president was “less truthful” about US counterterrorism capabilities and the possibility of a government collapse in Afghanistan.

Hanniti blamed Biden’s actions or lack of desire to “brag” about leading to the successful end of America’s longest war.

“Joe Biden is running through a frustrating and very defensive withdrawal anyway because Joe wanted to brag that he has successfully completed America’s longest war.”

Hannity summoned General Mark Millie as part of his testimony in which he discussed raising the head of China if former President Trump attempted an impossible military strike.

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“Allegedly এবং and Millie still tried to protect them today মিল Millie communist China, our sworn enemy, an enemy regime promised two secret phone calls. If then-President Trump decides to attack, he will lift their heads.” Hannity said.

“Under oath, Millie’s response was the best, the most flexible, although at one point she admitted very clearly that, yes, she would raise their heads,” he said.

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