Haitian Illegal Alien Assault US Pilot

Haitian illegal aliens attacked American pilots and wounded three ICE officers on the sinking of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Haitians beat U.S. pilots and injure three ICE agents in Port-au-Prince Tarmac

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NBC News reports:

A source familiar with the internal reporting of the incident said Haitians deported from the U.S. on Tuesday beat the pilots on one of the flights and injured three U.S. immigration officials as they arrived in Port-au-Prince.

Shortly after a flight carrying single adult males arrived, unrest broke out and the men were dropped off on a tarmac to Hymen authorities. Then, the source said, several people recently attacked another flight carrying the family.

The men beat up the pilots of the plane, who worked for a government contractor licensed to operate deportation flights for immigration and customs enforcement, while families were still on board. Three ICE officers were also attacked in that ICE office, each with fatal injuries, the source said.

In a statement, a DHS spokesman said: “On Tuesday, September 21, some adult immigrants landed in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, causing two separate disruptions on the tarmac. Haitian Crowd Control Officers responded to both incidents and resolved the situation. The ICE respects the right of all people to express their views peacefully while continuing its immigration implementation mission in line with all of our priorities, federal law and agency policy.

Here is the video from Port-au-Prince.

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