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On Thursday,’s pseudonym operator told the public on Twitter that the web portal had been “compromised.” The operator, Cobra, explained that the hackers were able to implement a bitcoin doubler scam model and insisted that the site be shut down “for a few days”.

Website operator Cobra warns has been compromised

The mysterious operator of the web portal, Cobra, is once again embroiled in controversy. According to the website’s pseudonym operator, has been attacked. “ has been compromised,” Cobra said Tweeted Thursday morning (EST). “[I am] Currently, hackers are trying to find out how the scam model was put on the site. May be down for a few days. ”

The cobra speaks to the model of the scandal A double scandal Which tries to entice you to deposit a fraction of Bitcoin by promising to double the deposit. Of course, victims who fundraise in the Doubler scandal never get a double reward, because hackers take all the funds after they have successfully deposited something.

According to In one account, scammers were able to get ,000 17,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) while the phone page was online. Some have said that the scam wallet did not make as much money as the website.

“For context, 3 people sent $ 100, 1 sent about 200 200, the rest (0.4 BTC) seems to have been sent as a way to make the ‘gift’ seem valid, so probably [a] The scammer’s own coin, ”one person said Mentioned.

The attack appears to be a DNS hijack, Cobra complained to Cloudflare

The operator behind the website said the occupation was probably “social engineering”.

“Looks like the domain has been occupied,” said Charles from Said. “Whois information was updated during the hacking, nameserver + DNS changed, and if you try to view any actual page other than index, you get 404. This is a completely different website for the domain. Name. ”

Meanwhile, there have been cobras Tweeted To the Cloudflare Company for assistance. “ has never been hacked. And then we moved to Cloudflare and two months later we were hacked. Can you explain where you are routing my traffic? Because I didn’t get any traffic during my actual server time [the] Pony. @ Cloudflare ast Eastdakota, ”Cobra said. Someone then asked Cobra if his accounts had been compromised. Cobra Emphasis:

No, nothing. None of my accounts seem to be compromised. The server is also fine (it was not getting traffic at the time of the hack). The attackers seem to have exploited some of the DNS errors.

What do you think about being compromised by hackers who replaced the main page of the site with a double scam? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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