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Guild of Guardians is a multiplayer RPG where players win epic prizes. The project has top-level partners like Ubisoft and is one of the largest and best-paid, VC-supported teams to create NFT games. The developers have big ambitions to disrupt the $ 100 billion mobile gaming industry by creating a quality experience that is fun to play and allows everyone to make real money. With more than 240,000 followers, the project is still one of the largest communities in space, despite being in the prelude phase.

Meet the Future of Gaming: The Guild of Guardians

Guild of the Guardians is an upcoming multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG developed by Stepico Games and released by Immortals. Stepico is a mobile game development studio that has released multiple titles with over 5 million downloads, and Unchanging is one of the largest VC-funded blockchain start-ups and the team behind Gods Unchained and Unchanging X. The development team currently has more than 20 full-time employees and plans to increase that number next year.

In the Guild of Guardians, the world is full of magic, orcs, elves and other popular fantasy elements, where players take their team of heroes through challenging dungeons to collect resources and gain experience. They can use these resources to create items or summon heroes that can be traded for real money. Players will also be able to build their dream team and work with their guilds to win leaderboard-based and seasonal awards. The game’s graphics are stunningly charming (see cinematic and gameplay footage below) and can compete with any current leader in the genre.

The Guild of Guardians is undoubtedly ready to disrupt the $ 100 billion mobile gaming industry, and in particular the $ 6 billion mobile squad RPG market. Current mobile RPGs are notoriously created to fully absorb all the fun of the game by forcing players to use pay-to-win mechanics to extract all their money or to push you endlessly to unlock new heroes and items. The Guild of Guardians turns this model on its head by offering play-and-earn mechanics where players are rewarded for their fun RPG gameplay experience of their choice. Players can choose to buy NFT for hero, pet or energy booster whatever they want The Market Instead of paying for the mystery directly, the “loot box” is never what you want it to be and is specifically designed to get you addicted like a gambler to the current mobile RPG. In total, more than $ 7M of NFTs have been sold so far, and some Heroes have already sold over $ 250k when the game is not yet launched.

Since development began in mid-2020, the Guild of Guardians has attracted an enthusiastic community of more than 240,000 followers across email and social networks. The game has already gone viral more than once – receiving 100,000 emails from a referral program and 30,000 new members from an airdrop. As part of their mission to bring the community back, the developers have already rewarded members with N 150,000 worth of NFT and over 0 260,000 in referrals. Rewards. 20% of the revenue from total, primary and secondary sales will be invested back to the community. Join the community now to keep up with the latest developments and make sure you don’t miss out on such future opportunities Twitter, Dispute And Facebook.

GOG token sale

Beyond winning prizes and trading NFT, this amazing project provides you with an additional way to benefit from the upcoming gaming revolution. The Guild of Guardians token will be available for purchase soon and here is how you can join it.

60 million in-game currency tokens will be sold in an exclusive sale on the alluring CoinList platform. The sale starts on November 10, 18:00 UTC and there are two universal options Guild of Guardians The registration deadline for the sale is November 7, 23:59 UTC.

Token sales are expected to be a great success based on the team’s recent track record. The Guild of Guardians has successfully sold its first NFT founder sales which generated $ 4.6 million to raise the game. The team has also partnered with leading brands such as Ubisoft, NRG Esports, Sandbox and Yield Guild.

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