Guidelines on how to kill dark hair without bleach

As a brunette, I’ve come to take some information about life with this hair: I can’t use purple shampoo like my lucky blonde friends, every stray gray hair looks like it points to the right with a giant neon arrow, and my pale skin Associated with, no one ever bothers to compare my look to Anne Hathaway’s. Anyway! I accepted it. What I will never be able to overcome is that I will not be able to play with hair dye at home.

Although my light haired friends can buy manic panic colors and play a whole new sport from one day to the next, I’m stuck watching Brad Mondo videos, looking at the bleach box on CVS Isle and realizing it’s a bad idea, and that I probably have my hair orange Will turn. But I don’t believe there is Nothing I can dye some boxes at home. So naturally, I went back to the experts. Richy Kandasamy, colorist and R + Co Collective member, was kind enough to share his knowledge to answer these perplexing questions: Can dark-haired people paint their house without using bleach?

Is it safe to paint black at home?

If you are avoiding bleach, the answer is usually yes. But there are some exceptions: “If you have recently loosened or allowed your hair, or if your hair is really light and you want to darken three layers, then your DIY dye work should be omitted,” Kandasami said. “These processes can cause damage and unwanted color [in the] The end result. In this case, a professional hairdresser may be more suitable for the first color date, which you can maintain at home later. “

Even for hair that has not been chemically treated, though, safe dyeing at home is only guaranteed “as long as you follow the manufacturing instructions,” according to Kandasamy. So don’t throw away those instructions!

Can brunettes go light at home without using bleach?

Sadly, no. “Bleaching or high lift tint is needed to highlight dark hair,” Kandasamy said. Although you can try your best to DIY those procedures, “When highlighting black hair, always keep in mind that your natural underlying pigment will become warm or brassy if proper hair care is not taken.” Also, be realistic about your starting point. “The darker your initial shadow, the more work you need to do to achieve your desired lightness.” If in doubt, go to a salon.

Can brunettes still use dye to change their hair color?

Depending on how dark your hair is, yes! “Adding fun colored undertones can be complementary and eye-catching,” Kandasamy says. For light-haired brunettes, you can even become redhead at home. But Kandasami advises to stay away from yellow, pink or orange. “If you dye your hair a bright or extreme color tone, it can correct a color when you want to change to another color. It will end up with an unpredictable tone or color result.”

If you want to go deeper, you can do it at home. Kandasamy writes, “When the body is getting dark, you want to remember that you need to take care of and maintain the color regularly to get it growing again.” “To prolong the longevity of the color you need to use color products that care for your hair. Also, you may need to change or update your makeup, as your skin color may change depending on the hair color.” Even if the change is subtle, still, “Remember, you have to use great products to maintain your color at home.”

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