Greenwald: How authoritative do you have to be to support Google censored political discourse? | Video

Glenn Greenwald joined FNC’s “Media Buzz” on Sunday to talk about Google’s decision to censor all vaccine dilemmas from YouTube:

Howard Kurtz: Let me go to Google’s YouTube, which you know has gotten a huge reach, now says it will ban any posting and I’m going to read the right language, “Any content that approved vaccines are dangerous and you have long-term health effects , Claiming that vaccines do not reduce disease transmission or contraction, or that the substance in the vaccine contains incorrect information. “Your reaction?

GLENN GREENWALD: So you have to keep in mind that Google, which owns YouTube, is probably the most powerful corporation in the world in terms of our data and speech and control over their resources. What do we want this mega-corporation to do in policing our discussions and determine what can and cannot be said on the Internet?

The reality is, there are mainstream news outlets like Howie Guardian Which reported a study that said that for boys 13-1-1 years of age, the risk of bad results from the vaccine outweighed the risk that they would actually suffer from a serious disease if they got covid.

So the idea that you can’t debate these issues without Google’s intervention and shutting down the internet is a competition frenzy. A corporation like Google will tell us what we can and cannot say, not just in Kovid, how authoritative you need to be for many political debates. The most embarrassing thing is journalists, who are supposed to defend free speech and free investigation, which not only encourages Google but also demands more censorship.

Kurtz: I don’t see any critical stories here that challenge the workings of YouTube. I have mixed reactions. I don’t think people should use social media to lie about vaccines. But the key question is debate.

And then I read YouTube’s explanation, well, the company will allow personal testimonials about the vaccine until the channel, the YouTube channel, shows a pattern of vaccine dilemma promotion. It sounds pretty thematic.

Greenwald: That’s the key, even though no one thinks lying is a good thing or even healthy. Of course not.

The problem is, the history of vaccines is one where these authorities have found the wrong thing, really critical things are repeatedly wrong.

So if you went to March 2020 and made a YouTube video saying, I think you should all wear masks, even if you weren’t noticeable, you would have thought of that time – because you were spreading cowardly confusion because Fawcett and the WHO were saying don’t wear masks, It can be unnecessary and even dangerous.

Scientific sensations develop over time.

It is very important that we are free to question the views of any authority, public health official, politician or others, and that the exclusive power of big technology is being used more and more to undermine our ability to do so. It is very dangerous.

Kurtz: You talked about the role of the media. New York State is in the process of dismissing a certain number of hospitals and healthcare workers who refuse to be vaccinated. The saloon has a headline, “Now it’s time to start shooting at vaccinated people. Trump fans are late for a lesson on the consequences.”

What do you think about Trump supporters in particular, and almost excitement, is that they are clearly not the only party losing their jobs on this order?

Greenwald: I mean, it’s pure misery.

In the midst of economic struggles and epidemics, especially those who have lost their jobs because of ideological differences, who will celebrate? It is demented. It’s really sociopathic.

The problem is that they want to maintain this narrative, it’s false, anyone who is vaccine-hesitant is stupid or primitive or this narrative is also false that it’s just Trump supporters who are vaccine-hesitant. The reality is that public opinion shows that a large percentage of African-Americans, Latinos, who live in large liberal cities, who are vaccine-hesitant and long-term.

While they are calling for the punishment of vaccine-hesitant people, they are calling for black people, Latinos, liberals and Trump supporters, miserable, to lose or be punished for losing their jobs. Those who do in a civilized society.

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