Green Bailey raises 1.1 million for its eco-friendly NFT gaming project

No doubt climate, climate change has brought innumerable problems to the world. Human activity, which is essentially the focus of industrialization, has created a serious problem that will require a concerted effort by all to solve. While we cannot argue about the countless benefits of industrialization, climate is a reflection of the humanities.

Last year, world leaders saw the world set goals to tackle climate change and protect the world from frequent deforestation, coastal floods, extinction of animals, rising sea levels, carbon emissions and more. However, more collaborative efforts are needed to influence the kind of change that is needed.

Technology and industrialization are often blamed for worsening the climate. While this is true, technology can still play a huge role in changing the noise around the world. Instead of pointing fingers, technology should be used as a way to correct the climate. This is where blockchain comes in.

The fund venture has gained major attraction from investors

Green Belly may be relatively new to the scene, but it still solves the problem that the world has been facing for decades. Founded in 2019, Green Bailey’s mission is to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle and reduce plastic waste through media awareness campaigns. Green Belly has made a huge contribution to the environment, and now, it has come up with a new project called Green Belly NFT Game. The project envisions a combination of the Green Map, Genesis project with the game, thus creating a green metaverse. There are interesting plans for greater contributions to the NFT and the gaming ecosystem.

The latest fundraising project to promote Green Bailey’s environmentally friendly activities. At least 0% of the revenue from the sale of green belly tree seeds, land and NFT materials or 10% of the total Green Belly Ecosystem Fund allocated for community and environmental initiatives. The game is based on the idea of ​​saving the world one tree at a time and uses the blockchain platform to achieve its goals. The characters are in the form of Green Hero NFT – Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metal. These trees are upgradable and come in various rarities

The funding round saw the participation of the biggest names in BSCStation, Basics Capital and Blockchain Venture Capital. Onebit, FIM Ventures, AU21, X21, and Momentum 6 were some of the notable names. Green Belly has raised 1.1 million in funding, highlighting the growth of ecosystems around the environment and sustainability. Green Belly was also selected among the top 6 gaming projects of the Accelerated Game 2 blockchain event by Axi Infinity, Tomo Chain, Kibar Network and other partners.

The game features an NFT marketplace that allows trading between different players. Players can buy NFT items and land where they can plant trees. Increasing tree collections makes you eligible for PvP, and you can farm to earn more rewards. Also, you can increase your tree figures with fusion.

Revolution in the NFT gaming landscape with the help of Solid Roadmap

Green Beli NFT Game uses GRBE tokens as a means of exchange. After successful IDO at BSc station, the token is currently listed on BSc DEX, Pancakeswap. This is a native token of the game that allows the purchase of in-game items. These tokens can also be given as a reward. The growth of the game will positively affect the value of the tokens and the more trees you collect, the more you can earn profitably. Also, GRBE tokens will be given and new ones will be created to increase the game and maintain its value. Green Bailey’s current work plan also includes preparing an open tree for sale with 20,000 seeds by the end of September.

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