Grace van Patten talks about ‘nine perfect strangers’, ‘lie to me’ and mental health in a global epidemic

For Grace van Patten, Hulu’s imaginary well-being swallows up Tranquilum House, a surreal feeling of isolation. Nine are perfect strangers It was hard not to believe she felt every day when she woke up on the set, especially sleeping in rows of houses built specifically for the exclusive cast around the grounds of the real-life resort SOMA. (Van Patten’s unit was just the small house Samara Weaving and Tiffany Boone shared with their husbands.)

The 24-year-old Brooklyn-based actress planned to spend her summer shooting in Los Angeles; In fact, he has already signed an apartment lease. But when the coronavirus epidemic began, Perfect stranger The team asked Van Patten to pack his bags and jets to Australia, a continent he hadn’t visited since he was 10 years old. He is leaving his family and friends in a global crisis, and he will not see them until production is over.

“My stomach has shrunk a bit,” Van Patten has now admitted. “The weeks of leaving were really scary for me. And besides the first role I was going to dive into, it also spread a lot of emotion.

But once he gets on the plane, Van Patten finds it easy to enjoy a “masterclass” of working with actors, including Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon and Regina Hall. Moreover, he felt that he Was To steel yourself; If no one else, she’s her character, Joe’s niece, whose show shows her parents still dying from her brother’s recent suicide. Painted in the complexity of a grieving, guilt-ridden teenager, Van Patten had more than enough to keep him asleep.

Ari Michelson

“It’s my most beautiful place,” she says. “It simply came to our notice then. We had a kickoff dinner with the whole cast, and everyone was great – no shortage of humor. [in that group], And it has always helped. I tried to separate [my work] What? [was happening in the world] As much as I could, but it was the most challenging part of the whole thing.

At the end of it Nine are perfect strangers, Which skipped the end of his series on Wednesday, Joe had the opportunity to literally speak to his brother’s audience, freeing himself from the burden of holding on to both his legacy and his family’s conscience. Instead, he can mourn freely, openly, and with the ultimate goal of healing. Van Patten get a similar free stay at SOMA; Her time on set is a new way of asking her and her own emotional state brings her into the role. As a young actress who first set foot on a set at the age of eight – her first acting job was done People with the best singing voicesAn Van Patten has become a Hollywood up-and-coming comedian, an insightful genius whose next project, Emma Roberts-produced drama Lie to me, Promises to affect him just as much.

Below, the actress discusses the emotional cocktail that went into filming Nine are perfect strangers, As well as how the emotions of his childhood are shaping the next event of his career.

Each character Nine are perfect strangers There are unique, sometimes even deceptive reasons to go to Tranquilum. In your opinion, what did Joey need at the resort?

I think when you first see Joe, he’s such a broken bird, and he knows he needs help. She knows her family needs help. But this time they tried everything; This retreat is a final attempt to reconnect with his family. They are so separated from each other and everyone is vinging separately, and I think he is absolutely desperate. [to grieve with them]. After this tragic incident, he also lost his parents, in the same way.

How did you build relationships with your imaginary parents, Michael Shannon and Asher KD, who could hold the weight of this trauma?

We were really immersed in some emotional things. We all had to stay in this headspace for five months; Which was challenging for all of us. But it was a miracle that everyone was amazed. Everyone got along very well, and at the end of it it felt like a family, especially since we were all sent to Australia and it was the first time we had worked in a few months. It makes the experience so special.

As someone who grew up in a family that was deeply involved in entertainment, have you always wanted to be an actress yourself?

I’ve always loved it. I did my first job People with the best singing voices, And I remember being terrified of those actors. But then I went through this rebellious episode that I want to get away from it so much because my whole family is a part of it. I was really into sports – I wanted to play basketball or volleyball – and I wanted to go to a high school that was very competitive in sports. I decided to go [Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts] Instead, and I fell in love with it. I can’t imagine a typical high school experience after that.

Patten's grace

Ari Michelson

Was there a special movie or TV series that persuaded you to try acting?

It was my first favorite movie Jaw. [Laughs] I mean, it will tell you something about my youth. Something like hot Still one of my favorite movies. And It’s a wonderful life. And then it was operated in the 70sUrban Cowboy, And honestly whatever John Travolta did, I just loved it so much.

In your relatively short career, you have done theater and film and television, drama and romance. But is there any medium or genre that you have not yet done that you are desperate to try?

Yes. I want to do comedy. I made jokes in high school; It was my senior drama that we introduced. And it’s called a Georges Feydeau farce A fly in his ear. It was my best time to do it. I think I want to go inward, so I’m attracted to roles that are more inward. But I want to try to break it.

Would you like to collaborate with an actor or director?

I mean, Nine are perfect strangers One of a kind out of them all. [Laughs]

Who’s left? I love Elizabeth Moss. I know he’s giving a little more direction now, and it excites me, and I want to work with him. Charlize Theron is one of my favorite actresses. These women also carve the way for such talented and young women to follow their lead and create great strong female roles. I think Michael Coyle is a genius. I couldn’t believe it [I May Destroy You], And I’m dying to see what he does next.

What you can tell us about what’s next for you:Lie to me, Specifically?

I am very excited Lie to me. It is based on a book published two years ago. And it’s a character study about this toxic relationship, which I think everyone can relate to. [The story] Very captivating and exciting and sexy. I haven’t come up with a project so soon, so it feels good to have time to really think about it and dig into it. I’m excited about that ride.

Patten's grace

Ari Michelson

Growing up in New York City and leaving for five months during the epidemic, what was it like to come back to Brooklyn and change your home so much?

He came back and slapped me in the face; It was scary. I am very grateful that I had reconnected with my old friends, or now I have a deeper relationship with my friends. I feel good [the pandemic] Really started a conversation that we wouldn’t normally have and everyone needed a connection.

I learned a lot through this, and then I’m going to do this project by playing Zoe, [I realized] That support is so important. Support is an active work. It’s not just about being there when someone needs it; It is checking in; It’s a conversation it’s been a really tough year for people.

How do you think you have changed as an actress in the last one year?

I feel that this role has forced me to go much deeper than before. The promise I got is, you have to go there. It’s hard but you have to get there, because I’ve never had such a problem since coming out of this role [separating fiction from reality]. And as challenging as it was, it also reminded me that I did the job. I want to get that feeling after almost every job. Don’t be afraid to go there, although it can be scary.

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