Govt. Abbott’s Operation Lone Star: What Biden Admin is Doing will not be at the border

There are no signs of a crisis erupting on the U.S. southern border, and the Biden administration has clearly decided not to enforce immigration laws. In a sense, Governor Greg Abbott has taken the law into his own hands.

In March, Abbott began Operation Lone Star. It is made up of state troops, Texas Rangers, National Guard troops and others who have joined the border to assist border patrol officers in apprehending illegal immigrants across the border. As of late last month, more than 4,000 arrests have been made.

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Texas taxpayers are working for the federal government

Last week, as most Haitian migrants entered the border town of Del Rio, a huge migrant camp of about 15,000 refugees spread under the Del Rio International Bridge. Governor Abbott has allocated an additional $ 100 million to improve the Operation Loan Star program.

During a news conference near Del Rio, Abbott said:

“We are arresting and jailing anyone who crosses the border illegally and interferes with private property or government land. This is not the policy of arrest and release by the Biden administration. This arrest and jail policy is sending a message to these people and anyone thinking of coming here, you can put handcuffs on your hands and go straight to jail.

The $ 100 million grant fund is part of a new initiative by the Texas Legislature that will further fund border security. Texas taxpayers are collecting more than 8 1.8 billion in tabs.

Grants have been made available to local governments for use in a wide range of law enforcement needs, including arrests, and the trial of those who have entered the country illegally and committed other crimes.

The program has been expanded to include the construction of fences and barriers at the border. Also, the state has said it will raise money to build a boundary wall.

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Pushback from the left

Of course, Operation Lone Star is coming back from leftist immigration activist groups. Some have argued that the program is unconstitutional because the Constitution grants immigration to the federal government rather than the state government. Other critics say it would encourage racial profiling.

Thomas Science, president and general counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, said: “Whenever you ask untrained law enforcement officers to engage in immigration efforts, they turn to ethnic profiling. This is exactly the kind of initiative that invites. ”

Legal issues with the program also extend to the courtroom. Last week, a Texas district court judge dismissed criminal intrusion charges against two illegal immigrants arrested as part of the program on the grounds that prosecutors were “unable to present probable cause.” However, both men were in custody and immigration workers were concerned that they might still be in exile.

The same judge ordered the release of 23 more illegal immigrants arrested under Operation Lone Star, which will be released due to “free bonds”.

However, proponents of border protection say Operation Lone Star could serve as a model for other governors who are tired of the federal government’s incompetence or reluctance to enforce border laws.

Jessica Vaughn of the Center for Immigration Studies said Operation Lone Star mainly arrests those trying to cross the border patrol and not seeking asylum.

“It’s going to be interesting to see how it works,” he added. We can end with a blueprint from the court on what states can do to tackle illegal immigration.

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Abbott’s response to the Biden administration

During a recent appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Sunday,” Governor Abbott made some vague assessments of the Biden administration’s work to secure the southern border.

Abbott said to host Chris Wallace, “Secretary Myorcas and if I can be clear, even President Biden, they are negligent in their duties.”

He added:

“The Biden administration has given up any pretense of defending Texas or US sovereignty through these open border policies. The people of South Texas are angry to ignore the Biden administration, to abandon them. The Biden administration is for those who are not in this country, American citizens Lives and cares much more than them.

Abbott rode to discuss two Border Patrol agents, who were recently accused by some media outlets and Haitian immigrants of “whipping”. Biden spoke of an ongoing investigation into the incident, and promised that agents would “pay” for their actions.

It was later clarified that the agents were using long reins to control the horses. Abbott has offered to hire agents in question if he is fired by the government from the border patrol.

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