GOP senators introduce bill to prevent federal agencies from administering the covid-1 vaccine

A group of Republican senators has introduced legislation under President Joe Biden that would protect federal health agencies from requiring proof of use of the COVID-19 vaccine passport or vaccination.

The text of the law, entitled the Prevent Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates for Interstate Commerce Act, states that it “prohibits the Department of Transportation and other agencies from issuing regulations requiring an individual to be vaccinated against the Covid-1 vaccine so that they may be involved in interstate trade or travel.” , And for other purposes. “

“While American businesses are working hard to recover from the devastating effects of Covid-1, President Biden is prepared to implement further orders, lockdowns and sanctions that hold them back,” said Florida Sen. Rick Scott in a statement. Bill “I have received the Covid-1 vaccine and I encourage everyone who feels comfortable getting it, but the government has no obligation on the American people and our hardworking business.”

Border patrol agents must be new or face to face.

As described in the law, the following federal agencies will not be able to provide proof that Americans received a COVID-19 vaccine for interstate trade or travel: Department of Transportation, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAC), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), National Transportation Safety Board, Federal Maritime Commission and Department of Commerce.

Other Republican senators who have supported Scott’s legislation include Wyoming Sen. Cynthia Lumis, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall and Utah Sen. Mike Lee.

Johnson said he was proud to support the law because it would “not force federal agencies to show evidence of vaccinating anyone with COVID-19 to do business across state borders.”

Highlighting the need for “transparency”, Johnson said “no one should be pressured, coerced or afraid of retaliation for refusing treatment with the Covid-1 vaccine.”

Lummis called Biden’s vaccine mandate a “job-killing” and said he was also proud to be a co-sponsor of Scott’s bill.

“We’ve already seen the impact of the job-killing that President Biden’s vaccine mandate has across the country,” Lumis said. “We don’t need to escalate it by attacking tourism and business travel. The people of Wyoming are not dumb – they are considering issues when evaluating whether they will get the COVID vaccine and they don’t need a president to politicize what healthcare decisions should be in consultation with medical professionals.” . “

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Scott also announced that he hopes to introduce a companion bill to Texas Republican Dan Cranshaw, who said Biden’s vaccine mandate is “cheap” and “unconstitutional overreach of the regime.”

“The last thing Americans need now is another order that prevents hard-working citizens from having the freedom to live their lives,” Craneshow said. “Americans should have the right to make the best decisions for themselves about getting the covid vaccine. As lawmakers, all we have to do is educate the public about the vaccine in an honest way, and then allow them to choose for themselves.”

Biden issued an executive order earlier this month COVID-19 Vaccination among all federal workers, excluding only some religious and disability exemptions and regular testing options. The order applies only to executive branch employees and does not apply to legislation Judicial The White House, a branch of government, confirmed to Fox News. Includes members exempted from the order Congress, The federal court system or their staff.

Biden said companies with 100 or more employees would be required to make vaccine or weekly Covid-1 testing mandatory under an impending emergency order from the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which would apply to more than 80 million private sector workers. The administration said companies that do not comply could face a fine of about $ 14,000.

In a nationwide push to vaccinate more Americans, Biden blamed the epidemic for an “uncommon” disease in July and suggested they were “sowing a lot of confusion.”

Jessica Chasmer of Fox News contributed to this article.

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