GOP representatives want Marines who criticized the withdrawal of Afghans to be released from prison

Rep Wrote a letter to the US Marine Corps Commandant General David H.

Shelar, who gained notoriety from a series of viral videos demanding accountability to the military leadership for the catastrophic withdrawal in Afghanistan, has been jailed for the incident.

Notable signatories to the letter include Reps.

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What the letter says

In a letter from General Berger, Gohmart and his colleague GOP House members outline court martial rules, That said, Shelley’s commander must give him a reason to hold on – because they believe Shelley will be released on bail or will be charged with a felony.

The signatories argued that Schiller’s imprisonment was political:

Indeed, this restriction appears to be for the sole benefit of sending messages, taking revenge, and violating RCM 305 (h) (2) (b) “should not be limited to a person as a matter of convenience only.” Furthermore, RCM 305 (h) (2) (b) further states that LTC Shellers must be in “short form of low restraint”. For the above reasons, we urge you to use your significant authority to correct this significant abuse and to immediately remove LTC Scheller from his custody.

House members have cited Sheller’s exemplary service record for more than 15 years and believe there is no evidence that he “created a serious risk of criminal misconduct.”

There is also an interesting mention that the offices of several members of Congress tried to email the government to Troy Campbell for advice, but received no response.

Concluding the letter, “It is imperative that members of Congress be given the opportunity to carry out their oversight responsibilities in the field of military justice.”

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Who is Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Schiller?

Last month, Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Schiller posted a video that went viral, criticizing military leaders for withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan. In the video, he demands some accountability for the chaos that led to the withdrawal of those leaders who killed 13 American soldiers in the terrorist attack.

After posting the video, he was released from his order. Scheller continued to post videos, one where he said he would not speak on social media under a trap order.

Currently, he is being placed in the Regional Brigade for the East Marine Corps installation at Camp Legion.

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Shelley’s parents are fighting for their son

Schiller’s parents, Kathy and Stuart Sr., gave several interviews and told the story of their son.

During an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Ingram Angle”, Schiller host Laura Ingram told him that Little Schiller was being unjustly held in solitary confinement indefinitely.

Scheller’s father also told Ingram,

“Our son has called for accountability. During today’s full hearing I don’t think they have accepted accountability. I am extremely disappointed. It’s not a coincidence in my opinion that they order a hoax [Stuart Jr.] And they put him in jail the day before he appeared before the senators – and in front of the congressmen tomorrow. I think it’s fairly cowardly. ”

Sheila Sr. agrees that her son broke the chain of command by talking, but also said that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Jens. Millie and Mackenzie Jr. said, “The American people have broken the shackles of trust and confidence. They should and should resign. Today’s hearing shows that they will not be held accountable for the mistakes they made. They wanted to blame everyone else.”

He added, “You and I both know Joe Biden will not fire them.”

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