Google will ban ads that deny climate change

Google has announced that it will ban “climate change deniers” ads, focusing on “climate action” ahead of next month’s UN conference.

In particular, Google said its new policy “prohibits the advertising and monetization of content that opposes the lack of a well-established scientific sense about the existence and causes of climate change.”

Google claims in its announcement that these changes mean advertisers don’t want to advertise their ads to false claims about their climate change. The Associated Press reports that there have also been complaints from YouTubers who did not want to run content during their videos.

“In recent years, we’ve heard from a growing number of our advertising and publishing partners who have expressed concern about running or promoting misleading ads related to climate change,” the Google Advertising Team said in a statement. “And publishers and creators do not want ads promoting these claims to appear on their pages or videos.”

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The statement continued, “This includes material referring to climate change as a hoax or scandal, denying long-term trends claiming that the global climate is warming, and denying the contribution of greenhouse gas emissions or human activities to climate change.”

The Associated Press reports that “in addition to addressing publishers’ frustrations, the changes have apparently been made to address online influencers who promote the theory of climate change denial by advertising YouTube videos, or making money.”

Google will use both automated tools and human reviewers to enforce the policy, which will take effect in November.

“This is welcome news – and a long-delayed step in the right direction,” Democrat Rep. Kathy Castor said in a statement, in a report by Scientific American.

“This is by no means the end of our fight,” Castor added. “Once this policy goes into effect, we will monitor its progress and implementation, as we hold Google and others accountable for the false and climate-related misinformation that often spreads on their platforms.”

Google earned 14 147 billion in advertising last year.

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