Good American Good Curve Jeans Review | 2020

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Fact: My ass is always my least favorite feature. No matter how many millions I squat, it doesn’t. . . Umm That’s what I’m looking for. Hey, it’s nice, there are other physical features that I like about myself, and all the butts are beautiful in their own way – but I Will I love to give myself a little lift every once in a while with a great pair of pants.

I was talking to my friend Brenton the other day, and he told me that he had found jeans that looked like “a push-up bra for her buttocks”. I thought it was direct talent. I want push-up bra pants! So I went to find the most flattering jeans for my body, and after dozens of attempts, I discovered this pair. The. Pairs.

Like doing 100 squats without all the work pulled in these jeans.

These Good American Good Curve Jeans ($ 175) give my ass a lifting, round look that I never thought I could achieve. Like doing 100 squats without all the work pulled in these jeans. Never in my life have I been so willing to take pictures of my back.

This denim not only makes me feel great, it is incredibly well made. The gap-proof waistband gives me a perfect fit and hits the cut legs just above my 5’5 “frame. Emma Grade and Khloe Kardashian know their thing, because the selection of cofounders is thoughtfully designed and comes in 00-24 shapes. Giving the queen’s crown.

Keep reading to see all the details of my new favorite pants and more washes. I’m telling you, this blues is nothing but sad.

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