Golden State Warriors player Andrew Wiggins receives vaccination shot after refusing religious exemption

There have been a lot of conversations surrounding the NBA recently with the start of the season. As of recently, there has been discussion about which players are vaccinated, and not vaccinated, and one player was recently vaccinated after refusing religious exemption. According to ESPN, Sunday, Warriors coach Steve Kerr confirmed that Andrew Wiggins has now received a vaccine shot after refusing a religious exemption. “Andrew has been vaccinated,” he said. He told me today that he is fine with admitting it to us and that will be the end of it. I’m not going to answer any questions outside of that. ”

Now that he’s got a shot, he’s eligible to play home games. The San Francisco Department of Public Health has announced that anyone 12 or older must be fully vaccinated to participate in an indoor event.

After Steve Kerr admitted that the team and staff are now 100% vaccinated, he said, “I’m not answering this question. Done. It happened. That’s what everyone needs to know. We can talk about practice or games.

Another player who has questioned his vaccination status is Kyrie Irving.

We are such Previously Kiri was reportedly physically absent during Brooklyn Net’s Media Day last week but practically participated. While answering questions from the press, he asked that his privacy should be respected when it comes to vaccination questions.

Many have shared their thoughts about the situation, with Shaq also saying, “The only thing I don’t like is, ‘Oh I like, you know, respect my privacy?’ Once you sign up for this life, there is no privacy and you have to accept it.But if you are on my team and you can’t play uh home games.I don’t want you.As we have a chance to win and you are not in the program, so Go somewhere else, Period.

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TSR Staff: Z Ashley @ Z_Ashley4

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