Glenn Kirschner said the only job left for the DOJ is to blame Trump

In a report to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Glenn Kirschner explained that Trump had violated a specific constitution and that if the allegations were proven, he would be barred from running for president again.


When MSNBC’s Joy Reid asked what allegations could be made against Trump, Kirschner said:

Great question. Ways to hold him accountable For the judiciary To blame him for many That crime he committed irrationally. Let’s just take one from SFormation of Judicial Committee Recently published report. I think you read the quote Your opening He has been quoted about Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, quote, one thing we know You’re not going, Rosen Do something to reverse Select, quote off, and then Donald Trump threatened to bring This character is Jeffrey Clark, Who was willing to do Donald Trump is corrupt and criminal Bidding to try to reverse Election results.

Real fast, joy, I don’t go Somewhere except my big, ugly Blue book of federal law, United States Code. That quote from Donald Trump Appropriately a federal violation Forced by Constitution 18 USC 610 Political activities. It is very short. It would be illegal for anyone Intimidate, threaten, Command, or coercion or attempt Intimidate, threaten, order, or It forces no employee The federal government is involved Or not involved in politics Activity

This is a three-year federal offense And what was just published by Senate Judiciary Committee Shows no doubt Donald Trump He has committed a crime. All that’s left is for D.Department of Justice And blame all of us for the crime Donald Trump knows commitment.

The report of the Senate Judiciary Committee clearly states this. Donald Trump has broken multiple laws, and if he ever returns to power, he will be able to run on the basis of what he has learned about breaking the law as president in the last four years.

The only way to get Trump disqualified and get rid of him is for the DOJ to frame charges against him.

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