Giants’ Joe Judge is probably safe, GM Dave Gettleman may not be after 2021

In recent years, the New York Giants have entered a new era, with general manager Dave Gettleman and later head coach Joe Judge appointed. With Big Blue another 0-2 start, both men have been floated as potential candidates for the NFL hot seat.

Gettleman returned to the franchise in 2018, leading the front office after working for the Carolina Panthers. The organization hoped he would unite with New York (1998-2012) as a team that had been successful during his previous reign.

When things don’t work out with Pat Shurmur, Gettleman brings the judge. After serving under Judge Bill Belichick since 2012, the Giants had the idea that he would bring in a similar style. It is clear that things did not go as planned.

The Giants have a 6-12 record since taking charge of the judges and 15-35 under Gateman, creating frustration in New York. Albert Brayer of Sports Illustrated recently addressed the situation of the Giants, explaining where things could stand for both men on the street.

“As it stands, I think Coach Joe Judge is safe. Maras really likes him, and the team moves forward under his leadership. I also think it would be hard for the family to beat another coaching change. Consider this: From 1931 to 2015, from Steve Wayne to Tom Coughlin and 85 seasons, only one coach (Ray Handley) did not become a third year. If the judge is fired, he will only be the third coach in a row after two seasons. Giants pride themselves on organizational stability, and it won’t.

Notably, the judge is in the second season of a five-year contract. So, even if the Giants finish worse than their mark last season (6-10), he will probably be safe. But the same cannot be said for Gettleman.

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Breyer was not quick to advise the Giants general manager to stay safe. After all, there is a possibility that the senior executive will take a lesser role or resign from his position. But there is a distinct result the giants can decide for him. Considering Gettleman’s lack of draft success and what happened at his last stop, it could be his last shot.

A number of options are possible for the Giants, including contacting the judge with an internal candidate or an executive from another party. But it’s clear that if this Giants team doesn’t meet ownership expectations this year, a shake-up is very possible.

The Giants are in favor of defeating the Atlanta Falcons in Week 3, and a victory will enter some life in the franchise. But a 1-2 start will follow with matchups against the New Orleans Saints, the Dallas Cowboys, the Los Angeles Rams, the Carolina Panthers and the Kansas City Chief.

In fact, the Giants could enter their Farewell Week with a 3-6 or 2-7 record. If that is the case, even with the improvement of Daniel Jones, a change will seem inevitable.

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