Giants 1B Brandon Belt has a thumb fracture

The Giants have announced that an X-ray has revealed a crack in the left thumb of the first baseman Brandon Belt, as several journalists have replayed. Alex Pavlovic of NBC Sports Bay Area. In yesterday’s game a belt hit the pitch on the thumb and was pulled a short time later. The expected recovery timeline is still unknown, as Belt is still planning more meetings with doctors, For Maria I. Gardador of However, for comparison, both JT Realmuto And Joey Voto The thumb had a crack earlier this year and was missed about a month before returning to work.

It’s a horrible time for Belt and the Giants, both because the postseason starts in a week and because Belt was in such tears late. Since returning from a knee injury on August 5, the belt slash line has been an unreasonable .297 / .394 / .690 WRC + 83% better than the production league average. After a three-year delay in production from 2017 to 2019, the belt has basically been burning for the past two years. Since the start of the 2020 season, in 148 games, his line has been .285 / .393 / .595. At that time his wRC + 163+ was the third-best among the majors in at least 550 plate appearances, leaving only Juan Soto behind. And Bryce Harper.

For the team, they have already confirmed a play-off spot, although no type is yet to be determined. They are currently two games ahead of the Dodgers for the lead in the NL West, with each team having six games left. In the absence of belts, they will probably turn Wilmer Flores and LaMonte Wade Jr., everyone who has seen some time in the first base this year. Darren Roof Down the road may be an option, but he found himself in the IL with a slash injury on Thursday. All three have good numbers this year, but losing a strong bat at the belt is definitely a push for offense, as it will be for any team.

This is an unfortunate time for a career-oriented belt, as he is moving to free agency in just one month. The injury could deny him the ability to add to his next season’s laser, which has already added a World Series title to the Giants in 2012 and 201. Gather a lot of interest in the open market, even if he can’t make another appearance this year.

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