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Lots BiggerPockets listeners are killing it in the world of real estate investing. But, with growth and positive change comes more questions. In today’s coaching call, David Green Talk to Carly, Michael and Katie There are about three different problems that represent three specific solutions.

Carly is trying The weight of investment risk in a growing market, Michael wants Get rid of “agent shame” Which comes with lead production as a realtor and Katie wants Its growth power with more income And more cash flow. Each of these real estate professionals is in a different place: one is a short-term landlord, one is a new agent and the other is a fix and flip experienced. Even with completely different investment plans, these three investors are able to find Easy, meaningful solution when talking to David.

Among the topics touched on in this episode Creating an investment strategy, Home hacking, finding the right property managers, Increase your confidence, Buying commercial real estate, And more. If you would like to make the next call with David, click this link to apply!

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In this episode we cover:

  • You should Invest in areas with declining populations But great cash flow?
  • How Reduce your investment risk Purchases a home hack property
  • Using referrals Find your next asset manager
  • Yours The best interest of clients first And showing confidence
  • Which can start a business vertically Strengthen your current business
  • Your turn The biggest cost in generating revenue
  • Taking advantage Uses key principles in larger contracts
  • And much more!

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