Germany’s election statement Merkel struggles to make the future divine

For divine divine results in German elections, Pinberg – or, some locals, prefer to call it “Oracle”.

For nearly a decade, Pinbergers have been voting for the party that has won the chancellor: from Conrad Adenauer to Gerhard Schroeder, and in the last four general elections, to Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats. Even in 1969, when the CDU won the popular vote but Pinberg voted for the Social Democrats, the small northern district was the former: it was SPD leader Willie Brand who became chancellor.

But just days before Germany’s next election – after which Merkel will step down from politics – Pinberg’s electoral crystal ball is cloudy. His absence would create a vacuum in German politics and create an unusually unpredictable campaign. Pinbergers aren’t sure which way they or the country is going.

“The big teams are very, very close [in the polls]. Oracle may also be mistaken, “said Michael von Abkron, 68, a local CDU Bundestag member.” You feel a certain insecurity. This is evident in many voters. ”

Three different parties have topped the national election in recent weeks. Most recently, Olaf Schulz took the SPD to the top, but recent numbers show that the CDU is leaning towards its leadership. A fragmented election scenario ছয় six parties could enter the Bundestag-means Germany could move towards its first three-way alliance.

Michael von Abkron, a local CDU Bundestag member, said: ‘You feel a certain insecurity. This is clear to many voters © Erica Solomon / FT

Most Pinberger interviewed said the race between the SPD and the CDU would go under the wire. But several are swayed by their vote in an election that will determine Germany’s path in the post-Merkel era.

A 34-year-old voter, who did not want to be named, tried “Ohal-o-Matt”, a website to help voters match a group, suggesting he voted green. Still, he felt reluctant.

“Honestly, I don’t think any candidate is particularly qualified,” he said. “I can’t decide – yet somehow, I’m going to vote on Sunday, whatever.”

The Germans were uncertain about the election longer than usual, with a survey by Allensbach last week showing that 40 percent were uncertain. Peter Matusek, chief political analyst at Polar Force, said the numbers had dropped to a more general range of 25 percent this week.

Matushek believes that many of them are indifferent about their candidate Armin Laschet, a CDU supporter. “This is the CDU vote where we are most likely to change,” he said.

Irmtrad Jurat, a 2-year-old Irmatrad Jurat from Pinberg’s central square, said older voters like him were “playing our part” in getting the CDU a fifth term. He defended Lachett, who was ridiculed for his helpless campaign style.

“Lashett was a university lecturer and prime minister of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia আমি I mean, he couldn’t be so dumb,” he said.

Green Angelina Bearback
Greens Chancellor candidate Annalena Bairbach has abandoned some voters after she was accused of stealing part of a book © Mirko Haniman

But like most old Pinberger interviews, he believed the SPD would give a lead – if not as significant as the election.

“If I was young and struggled with rising fares in Berlin or whatever, I would vote for the Greens, too,” he said. “But we are old, we have homes and gardens. This is a good life. ”

Reflecting the overall German patterns, the smaller Pinbergers plan to vote for Green seeking change or the Free Democrats on the business side.

“I need something future-oriented. . . My most important thing is climate change and digitization, ”said Anna, 23, who declined to give her last name and swayed between the green and far-left die links.

But young Germans make up only 14 percent of voters, making Pinberg’s seniors a more reliable barometer.

Ursula Gottze, aged Rs, was tempted to share her two votes for Greens and SPD in Germany’s two-list system. “It’s true that I’m old, but it’s for the young,” he said.

Götze changed her mind when Annlena Baerbock became the candidate for Robert Habek, the Greens’ most experienced co-leader. The allegation that Bearback stole parts of his book and embellished his CV also bothered him.

Asked about the demands of the German Finance Minister SPD Schulz, he blamed several German financial scandals. “Everyone is wrong.”

The Pinburgers attribute the hourly status of their district to the demographic and the representative mix of small towns and rural landscapes. Analysts, however, say the winning streak is nothing more than a statistical dilemma.

“It’s ridiculous, but I think it’s a joke,” said Christian Martin, a political scientist at Kiel University. “For a while, some electoral districts will be fine – until the series breaks down.”

Yet locals defend their Oracle status, and this year’s local SPD candidate Ralph Stegener is confident that Pinenberg’s record will remain the same – and that he and his party will return to power. “This oracle has been around for 60 years,” he said. “It can’t just be a coincidence.”

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