‘Gaslighting’ erupts for hypocrisy after GOP governor caught in scandal

South Dakota Government Christy Noem (R) has been accused of abusing her power by using her office to get her daughter a real estate appraisal license from a state agency for her unusual defense on social media.

He did not address the allegations but claimed it was an attack on his “children”.

The Associated Press reported Monday that Noem brought multiple state officials to a meeting with himself and daughter Cassidy Peters, 26, when it was thought he would be denied a license.

The AP said it was not clear what happened at the meeting, but Peters was licensed a few months later.

“This is clearly a conflict of interest and an abuse of power for the benefit of family members,” Richard Painter, a former chief justice lawyer under President George W. Bush, told the Associated Press.

Additionally, the AP said state officials whose department planned to deny the license were pressured to retire.

The officer later sued and disposed of 200,000.

Instead of addressing specific allegations, Noem tweeted that the report was not just an attack on his child and the steps he had taken as governor.

“Listen I understand. I signed up for this job,” he tweeted. “But now the media is trying to destroy my children.”

He further claims that there is a “dual standard” in the media.

His tweet ignores a big issue about whether he uses his office and state resources to help a relative progress professionally, and he ignores his own attack on Hunter Biden, the adult son of a politician, the sad son of President Joe Biden, both On Twitter And on Fox News last year.

His critics quickly called him:

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