Gary Neville says Manchester United are “disgusting, whimsical and wrinkled” this season after losing to Leicester. Football news

In a deadly assessment, Gary Neville called Manchester United’s performance “disgusting” this season, saying they were “horrible to look at and blurry”.

It comes after United’s 2-game unbeaten run in the Premier League collapsed in Leicester, with the Foxes winning 4-2 at King Power Stadium from behind.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side are unbeaten in their last three league matches, putting increasing pressure on managers after an unseasonably expensive summer.

“There’s a problem because their performance isn’t good enough anywhere,” Neville said. Sky Sports. “I said a few weeks ago that the moment they start playing a semi-decent team, they’re going to struggle.

“Performance has been so bad all season in terms of team performance. There have been some good results and some great personal goals, but overall performance and out of possession and the unit was bad.

“It’s very ugly and whimsical to look at. When you play a team with a clear organization and a method, you’re going to be isolated and that’s what happened here. Villa dragged them, Everton dragged and Villarreal pulled apart.

Paul Pogba and Cristiano Ronaldo both introduced Man Utd rates

“We saw a team today with Marcus Greenwood, Jadon Sancho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandez. Five of them, so I don’t want to be a defender on that team.

“I love them as five players, but they don’t all have enough work horses to stay on the same team. There’s a reason that Darren Fletcher, John Oshia, Nicki Butt, Tom Cleverley, Park G-Sang and Wayne Hargreaves got at United for years. Game.

“We needed great players as well as work horses. Manchester United are unbalanced at the moment. Performance is getting what they deserve now in terms of results. It needs to change. Performance needs to be much better and there was no attraction today.

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Free to watch: Highlights of Leicester’s win against Manchester United

“I don’t think the performance was good enough this season, even when they won. Against Newcastle. [when Man Utd won 4-1], Everyone went away but they were not very good that day. “

Manchester United will now have to play five of their next six league matches in the historic ‘Big Six’ and Neville can compare them to Chelsea’s win over Brentford.

There is a lot of pressure. It’s not coming. It’s here. It was before the international break and it’s not going away. It should be there. It’s Manchester United. They spent a fortune and they got some of the best players in the world.

Gary Neville at Man Utd

“Oh, we know what’s coming,” Sky Sports Pundit added: “Struggling against a semi-decent team, they are now going to play against some of the best teams in the world. Next Sunday, they are going to play Liverpool and then they have to play Man City next week.

“They’re going to play Tottenham and then Chelsea and they’re the right team. Of course, the players can get up for those games, but they didn’t start well today.”

Brendon Rogers explained after the game how his Leicester team was able to break up United on Saturday, saying: “Their central players weren’t pushing so we could be patient and work the ball through the pitch, we’ve got some good area and put pressure on their backline. . “

And Neville added that United are “nowhere good enough” from the ball.

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Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskier has admitted that he is

“They are nowhere good enough outside of possession. They are without a doubt the weakest team at the top of the league for the pressure. You see the resilience of Chelsea today … the last 15-20 minutes.

“City kept the ball fair to them, and Liverpool talked to Van Dyke about them again. Liverpool punched Brentford when they came here and tried to score more goals. The ball is not good enough.”

Questions continue to be raised as to whether United can jail him as a squad. Rafael Varane, Jadon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo were added in the summer to join a team that already has a plethora of stars.

Neville continued: “They got this real conflict with Pogba and Fernandez, they got this real conflict with Ronaldo and Cavani, another conflict with Greenwood, Rashford and Sancho. You put all these teams in one unit when out of possession, and the strength of those players. Not out great players are able to do it both ways, but they are biased towards the offensive side of the game.

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Paul Pogba of Manchester United suggested that his team lacked maturity and experience as they lost 4-2 in the Leicester Premier League.

“What Manchester United’s star players need is the work ethic of Bernardo Silva, Kevin de Bruyne and Sadio Mann.

“Today when I look at the United players I mentioned in the squad today, they don’t mean or work as hard as Firmino or Bernardo Silver. The better players work harder, you don’t end up doing better than them – that’s it. Just as easy.

“There will be pressure on the manager and pressure on the players. They will not do anything with the manager. In the end, I think the club is stable in what has happened in the last ten years. I think they have to admit that they are going through these moments. .

“They are integrating Varane, Sanchez and Ronaldo and I think they will see it but there is a lot of pressure. It’s not coming. It’s here. It was before the international break and it won’t go away. It should be there. It’s Manchester United.

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