Gaming development platform, Urgaming launches its native token, URG-U token by BTC colleagues

Gaming Development Platform, UrGaming Launches Its Native Token, URG-U Token

The trillion dollar crypto market is full of different trends and communities from decentralized money [DeFi] Emerging non-fungal tokens [NFT] The market, and the emerging crypto gaming community, this industry, since its expansion, has paved the way for the index growth of these other FADs.

With more than $ 16 billion currently reported by CoinMarketCap, the crypto gaming platform has become one of the fastest growing markets, giving gamers the opportunity to make money while doing whatever they want. Many projects have been launched to meet the growing demand of users, but gaming development company Urgaming is cementing its place as an ideal leader in a primary market.

UrGaming has announced the launch of the URG-U token

According to a recent press release, the gaming platform has announced the launch of its native token, the URG-U token, which is listed on the Pancakescap decentralized exchange. In addition, Urgaming is calling it the “URG University Platform”, a system that, according to the aforementioned formula, is dedicated to educating gamers who are interested in improving their overall gameplay in a series of highly competitive games.

Thanks to the rise of technology, the gaming community has continued to grow at an amazingly rapid rate, attracting millions of people worldwide.

URG University Platform

Utilizing the huge benefits of the billion-dollar DFI market, Urgaming developers have revealed that the URG University platform will be a decentralized finance protocol. Schedule to launch Beyonc স্ম Smart Chain [BSC], The developers describe this platform as one that will help gamers progress to the best of their ability. Significantly, it will be the first gamer learning platform created in BSc.

Scheduled to be scheduled in the first two quarters of 2022, according to some journalists, the platform is expected to generate a high level of interest and impact on the gaming community. The press release further said that while providing valuable information to gamers, it will be a great tool for them to generate income that will see them succeed in the competitive game.

The URG University platform will offer the gaming community;

  • Professional gamer course sponsored by UrGaming
  • Gamer course for external content creators
  • Courses for content creators
  • A series of NFT collections

To generate interest in this DFI platform, the Urgaming Marketing Team, while speaking to reporters, made it clear that e-Sport events will be held throughout the rest of 2021 and 2022. The industry, thus, cementes its place as a trusted, reliable and forward-driven project. Not surprisingly, a tournament and a series of games have been started by this company. Tagged “UrGaming Arena”, these games described by the marketing team will play some of the best players in the world.

The launch of the URG-U token is part of Urgaming’s plan to create an all-around platform that not only enables players to generate huge returns but also allows them to enjoy the benefits of gaming in the crypto space.

UrGaming is designed to be a gaming development platform that will empower gamers worldwide. However, the main objective is to establish and distribute high quality tools for the community, players and content creators who want a better life. UrGaming will not only help them monetize their audience but it will also strengthen the relationship between their careers and their target market.

With a development team based in the South American country of Chile, Urgaming pioneered a movement in the trillions of dollars defy and gaming aspects of the crypto industry.

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