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Gabriel Petito is investigating the disappearance of a man who went on a van trip with his fianc Brian Laundry in Long Island, New York in July.

In September, Mr. Laundry returned to her home in Florida without 22-year-old Mrs. Petito, and police opened a case of missing persons after her family approached them.

Police in North Port, working with federal and local investigators, found 23-year-old Mr. Describes laundry as an “interested person”, a vague term often used by law enforcement agencies who believe they may be involved in a crime. Laundry’s name was not suspected or arrested. He declined to speak to investigators through his lawyer, police said.

Here is a timeline of the case.

Jim Schmidt, Petito’s stepfather, said the couple had left New York for a four-month trip, including cross-country trips and camping in national parks.

They recorded their travels on their Instagram account and YouTube.

Mrs. Petito posted a picture of herself on Instagram, taken in Aug., sitting under an arch in Utah’s Arches National Park.

The day he posted the photo, the thick, Utah police responded to a “domestic problem” report when Mr. Laundry had a “sort of argument” with Mrs. Petito.

Mr. Laundry and Mrs Petito told police they were in love, married and “not desperate to see anyone accused of a crime.” According to the police report, Mr. Laundry told an officer that “problems have been building between the two over the past few days.”

The couple posted an eight-minute video on YouTube titled “Van Life: Beginning Our Van Life Journey”. It’s about kissing them, scaling the rocks and sunbathing in Utah. Laundry showed granola laughing at the melted chocolate. “I like the van,” said Mrs. Petito. Laughing at the laundry.

Mr. Schmidt said he and Mrs. Petito’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, last spoke to Mrs. Petito about this time in a facetime call. He said Mrs. Petito told them that he and Mr. Petito. Laundry was leaving Utah and driving in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Mr. Schmidt said Mrs. Petito texted her mother several times.

The last post on her Instagram account was published on August 25th.

Nicole Schmidt said she received a text from her daughter’s phone, according to the New York Post. The text said, “There is no service at Yosemite,” Mrs. Schmidt told The Post.

Mr. The laundry returned to his home in the North Fort, in the white Ford van the couple used for travel, which was registered to Mrs. Petito. He was alone.

The North Port Police Department said Mrs. Petito’s family reported her missing.

Credit …Petito family

Police Mr. Describing Laundry as an “interested person”, he said he was the last person he met with Mrs. Petito before he went missing. North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison Posted an application on Twitter Addressing Steven Bartolino, the laundry lawyer, he said Mr. Asked to arrange a conversation with the laundry.

Bertolino said that he was Mr. Laundry was advised not to speak to authorities.

Grand Teton National Park officials said Rangers are working with investigators from the National Park Service, the FBI and other local authorities to find Ms. Petito.

Chief Garrison told a news conference that Mr. Laundry is exercising its constitutional right not to speak to authorities and investigators are still considering the investigation as a missing person.

Joseph Petito, Mrs. Petito’s father, attended the press conference and appealed for advice and help from the community to find his daughter. Mrs. Petito’s parents and stepfathers also appealed directly to Mr. Laundry’s parents asked them, “Where did Brian Gabby go?”

“We ask you to wear our shoes,” they said in the letter, which was read by their lawyer, Richard Stafford. “We could not sleep or eat. And our lives are falling apart. ”

Mr. Laundry’s parents called the police at their home in North Port and told them that they had been watching Mr. Didn’t see the laundry.

North Port Police have announced that they are searching the 25,000-acre Park Carlton Reserve, about 13 miles from North Port, for Mr Port Laundry. Mr. Laundry’s family says “they believe he entered the area earlier this week.” Police said on Twitter.

The FBI says it is looking for Mrs. Petito in Grand Teton National Park and the Spread Creek Displaced Camping Area, both in Wyoming.

According to the FBI, human bodies belonging to Mrs. Petito were found in a national forest in Wyoming. One agent said the remains matched the description of “Mrs. Petito”, but added that a full forensic identification was still needed to confirm.

Florida authorities have set up a 24,565-acre park in Sarasota County called Carlton Reserve. Looked for laundry. North Port Police, Fla., Said Their search at Carlton Reserve ended with something new to report.

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