Further evidence of Hunter Biden’s new $ 2 million Libya bombing ‘Media lied to the public’: Glenn Greenwald

Business Insider’s new explosive report – that the first son Hunter Biden asked for $ 2 million a year to help recover Libya’s assets seized by President Barack Obama when his father Joe Biden was vice president – proves that the media lied, according to investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald. , The American public about the business story of the Biden family.

Greenwald, who helped break the story of Edward Snowden-NSA and now writes in Substack, told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that the report on Hunter’s ugly alleged business deal adds “irresistible evidence” that the 51-year-old Wilmington Native laptops are authentic.

The Insider report is based on emails that were not on that particular hard drive-which the current former Wilmington repairman gave to the FBI and former New York City mayor Rudolf Giuliani.

Earlier on Thursday, Insider released data from two incomplete emails একটি one from January 28, 2015, from Democratic donor Sam Johari to Obama donor Sheikh Mohammed al-Rahbani.

“I want $ 2 retainer every year in a phone conversation with # 2 son, his dad decides to run, no”

He was the chairman of the UN World Food Program and “SOS J. Forbes Hall was associated with John Kerry’s middle name and Hunter Christopher Heinz, married to Teresa Heinz-Kerry, the step-son of the former Massachusetts senator.

“From the beginning, the evidence was overwhelming that the e-mails were genuine,” Greenwald told host Tucker Carlson.

“And yet they lied and lied like you just showed that they’re misleading, trying to convince people not to pay attention to them by calling their e-mails fake,” he said, denouncing Carlson’s mainstream media statistics and calling Trump the controversial New York With the veracity of the post report.

Greenwald added that Politico reporter Ben Schrecker carefully dug up the emails of the laptops and found evidence that they were real – through which Schrecker wrote an upcoming book.

“[This] This means that the media, with few exceptions, deliberately lied to the public in the weeks leading up to the election that it was Russian misleading when they knew it was not true. “

Greenwald said that despite its employer considering Politico as one of the mainstream outlets, the media continues to “ignore” Schrecker and continue to ignore them.

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Carlson added that the impact was “extremely serious” in terms of emails in Libya.

“Hillary Clinton assassinated Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, which is why no one has ever explained … and since then money [Tripoli] The treasury was confiscated. “

“If Hunter Biden was actually lobbying the US government when his father was vice president to get this money, that’s a big deal. It’s probably a crime,” he said.

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