Funding for child care looks good, but think twice

A new one Treasury Department Report What we already know tells us: the cost of childcare cannot be borne by many families. In response, lawmakers have included $ 250 billion The খরচ 3.5 trillion spending bill on child care subsidies is currently under consideration.

While this effort may hit many Americans as a well-established “hand-up” to working parents, it brings a significant downside, and not just a price tag for taxpayers. The most serious problem with government-funded childcare is the declining impact on the quality, diversity and independence of childcare providers in today’s powerful যদিও albeit expensive মার্ marketplace.

In other cases, government funding has been shown to act like a Trojan horse. Colleges gladly welcome federal funds through student loans and pay grants, while hospitals do the same for Medicare and Medicaid dollars. But these government-funded institutions are now paying attention to government regulations, even if the rules do not benefit students or patients.

In higher education, any school that receives federal funding – not just public colleges and universities – Must comply Federal laws and regulations (and even with weak “guidelines” like “Dear Colleagues” letter). This includes almost all private colleges.

This means complying with Title IX, and not just the provision related to giving women equal roster slots in sports. This means adhering to what the current administration says about the campus Sexual harassment, Or Which constitutes hate speech. Schools run the risk of losing federal funds by challenging a federal rule, which is why they don’t. Government money has become a means of government control of higher education. Very few schools They are able to provide student support on their own, but they do so as a matter of principle to maintain their independence.

Similarly, federal funding for healthcare has increased significantly in recent years (but this is not going to stop the inclusion of lawmakers. 1 1.1 trillion In the case of new healthcare expenditures on this huge expenditure bill). In addition to federal funding for healthcare, primarily through Medicare programs, federal control over patient care has increased. To participate in Medicare, doctors and hospitals have to adhere to certain rules and requirements, including asking specific questions, performing certain tests, and even encouraging certain treatments.

Sometimes government interventions in healthcare can have devastating effects, even when specifically: Over the years, Medicare has included pain management questions in their patient satisfaction surveys যা which are associated with payment এবং and how easy it is to imagine Opioids have provoked epidemics Such providers have faced more pressure on the patient-please do additional assessments.

Just as a small group of colleges refused to accept government funding, a small group of physicians – about 1% – came out of Medicare. This frees them from compliance with the program (and its low and slow repayment measures). But Medicare and Medicaid, which together insure more Every three Americans, Representing such a large market share, it is also difficult for most doctors to consider taking their oath.

Child care centers are seeing the current debate and are earning more than $ 25 billion that could help expand or improve their facilities. Families of young children can expect a $ 225 billion break in one of the biggest line items in our personal budgets. But both providers and parents should be warned that when the government provides a handful of cash for colleges and healthcare providers, they strengthen their compliance.

Child care should be the last place where we invite politicians to intervene. Our youngest children should be cared for based on the preferences of their parents, not based on what Washington DC bureaucrats decide They want children to be educated. After all, state governments are already in charge of K-12 education, and it’s hard enough for all of us to agree on which one is best for that school.

Importantly, the cost of college or healthcare has not become more affordable, and even government spending in this area has skyrocketed. In fact, the opposite has happened. The subsidy is “Prisoner” By middlemen Than to go down Families that really need them, and prices keep rising. The same thing will happen with childcare.

If policymakers really want to help families with the cost of caring for their children, they will put money directly into the parents’ pockets through tax breaks, so we can decide which type of care is best. We can direct those dollars to the providers we deem most qualified. And we can hold them directly responsible for the quality of care without Washington.

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