Freeridge On My Block Spinoff Guide to release date, Cast News and Spoilers

In my block Its fourth and final season on Netflix is ​​coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we still have to leave the freezer. A spin-off set is working on the show’s fictional town, this time centering on a new quadrangle of kids. The follow-up series will explore a new part of the neighborhood and the original crew may or may not express a deadly curse by stopping an unforgettable adventure.

At the moment, more plot and release details are still unknown, but some information is slowly starting to come out. Here, we have collected everything we know Freeze As far as.

Who’s on the show?

Meet the new Core Four: Brianna Salaz (Team Kylie, Kyla Montaroso Mejia (Suppress your efforts season 11, Growing fungus, Sierra Riley Wilson (LA’s best, Kim is possible), And Shiva Pai (Iron fist, Uncut gems). Their character names are still secret.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Kevin Estrada / Netflix

Who is behind the series?

Jamie Weshiro, who wrote four asons In my block, Created Freeze. He and OMB Co-producers Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Huff will act as show-runners. Lauren Ingrich and Jamie Duner are also co-producers and executive producers and the trio.

“Some of the best comments we’ve heard In my block We were told from the fans that they had seen and represented. As we begin Freeze, One more women-driven show, we will continue to invest in real characters that represent our passionate audience …

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