Free Live or Die: Why Medical Autonomy Is Important

Since I have not been vaccinated against Covid-1, I have been labeled with everything from anti-scientific ludite to domestic terrorists. If I had lived in almost any state other than Montana, I might have been deprived of basic human services like healthcare, job rejection, or said that I could not shop in a store for basic necessities like food.

The power of the government, the media and the media has declared me undesirable and they want to force me and millions like me to be vaccinated against our will. They say that I am a danger to society, not realizing for a minute that they represent a much bigger threat to society – the threat of totalitarianism, the state against the individual.

George Orwell may never have written “Nineteen Eighty-Four”. The Greatest Generation may never have defeated the Nazis. Even Ronald Reagan has never been able to defeat the evil empire of Soviet domination in Eastern Europe.

If I have to surrender my dignity and will to bureaucrats and technocrats and they have to stick a needle in my hand, a rancher owns his cattle brand:

Oh, wait – I’m supposed to surrender for the greater good. I have to give up the ability to govern my own body, because those who have already been vaccinated are still afraid of the virus that the vaccine protects against.

Nothing is added, and as long as I feel comfortable taking the vaccine, you can count on me. No, I’m not anti-waxer. I have never had a problem with the vaccine before. 1 Ever since I was a child in the early 1960’s I realized that vaccines would protect me and society from serious illness.

This is not an exaggeration. Chickenpox was fatal in 30% of cases, and even if you survived, you paid a price. One of my teachers carried a horrible smallpox scar on his face and no one wanted to suffer like him. Every kid at school also knew that if you ran with a rusty nail, you ran the risk of being infected with tetanus, which gave Lockheed even an awful name.

This was followed by German measles, diphtheria and whooping cough. We kids probably didn’t know too much about them, but our parents must have done it and they could tell stories about cousins, siblings or friends who died from them. I never got measles because I was vaccinated at a young age, but in a low-income family like mine it was a common problem and it was something you certainly didn’t joke about.

I think vaccines have made the world a better world. I remember getting my smallpox vaccine and eagerly waiting for the scar on my hand that showed up like a badge of courage in my mother’s arm, but it never happened to me. Then when the oral polio vaccine was made, I remember lining up in the gym at North Garnerville Elementary School in New York to take my first dose of a sugar cube. Yam.

So yes, I am pro-vaccine. I usually get the flu vaccine every year. Even last year I got a shot, though for some special reason, the influenza disappeared last winter while Covid was enjoying his greatest terror reign. And naturally, all three of my children have been vaccinated against normal childhood diseases and have accepted what was recommended to keep them safe.

But one thing I never thought of was forcing my neighbors to get vaccinated against the flu. Did you know that influenza kills 50,000 Americans a year? This is close to the number of U.S. troops killed throughout the length of the Vietnam War. On average, the flu kills many Americans in car accidents every year. Yet has anyone – even St. Anthony Fawcett – ever dared to suggest that the flu vaccine should be mandatory because it would save lives?

Hell, no, and although school children need to be vaccinated a lot for good reason, we have allowed religious and medical exemptions for their needs. Because we are not supposed to be a nation of slaves, but a nation of citizens. If someone has a personal reason as to why they refused the vaccine, we didn’t put them through an investigation or try to burn public opinion. It was America – an independent country.

I never thought of celebrating when a person who decided not to get the flu vaccine died of influenza. But vaccine mandate proponents seem to be intimidated when the vaccine falls ill from refusal covid and dies on a ventilator or worse. It is not science; This is scientific imperialism – and the CDC has been ruthless in exercising its power to the people for centuries. Obey or die.

So why would a reasonable person decide not to vaccinate against Covid-1 in such an indifferent environment? Maybe because it is an experimental and proven drug using a technical (mRNA) that has the ability to disguise the very genetic makeup of my body cells. Maybe because I’m more concerned about the instinct of the flock than the immunity of the flock. Maybe because I’ve heard great scientists boast of the power they exert on everyday Americans. Maybe that’s why Big Pharma discovers the reasons why you can get a new shot every year. Maybe I want to decide for myself what is best for me.

Think of it this way. You are afraid of the death of Kovid-1 of. So am I. But that doesn’t mean I am Going Died from covid. In fact, I would identify it as an acceptablely small chance of dying in Covid, and my age is 66 years, a fairly smack in the realm of presumably at-risk older populations. From January 1, 2020 to September 11, 2021, 12,702 U.S. deaths from Covid for my age out of an estimated population of 3,618,069, according to CDC data reported on RationalGround.com. It has a mortality rate of 0.365%.

Meanwhile, 100,449 people my age have died of all causes for the same reason, suggesting that I have a 12% chance of dying Something This year, the death of the Covid-1 is far more horrific than ever. Just think! If I were to die this year, I would be 33 times more likely to die in anything other than Kovid. Based on the propaganda we carry out every day about the virus, I should panic! There is something worse than trying to kill me than Kovid.

But I’m not terrified, not even the slightest, because life is always risky. I can control my risks by avoiding downhill skiing, ATV, alcohol, surfing and motorsport. These are my choices, but heaven forbids I should point them out You These tasks should be avoided because they are not 100% safe. Your behavior is not my job. I like me, and you like me. Without COVID.

Then Joe Biden likes me, trying to protect me from himself.

But here’s the thing. There is no guarantee that I will actually come in contact with the coronavirus, and if I do, there is a 99% chance that I will recover as a normal healthy person without any co-morbidities.

Now consider the risk of a kind of mild side effect from taking experimental vaccines pushed by the government. It is very difficult to come up with an actual percentage of adverse effects, as there are many potential side effects and not all of them can still be associated with the vaccine, especially when they show up weeks or months after Jab. We do, however, have a number of vaccine-related deaths officially reported by the CDC, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System uses data from:

“More than 6. million doses of the Covid-1 vaccine were administered in the United States from December 1, December 2020 to October, October 2021,” he said. At this time, 30 deaths (0.0021%) have been reported from people who have been diagnosed with VAERS covid. 19 vaccines. “

Of course, this means that the chances of dying from the vaccine are significantly lower than dying from covid; In fact, if you do the math, it’s about 175 times less. This is a significant difference, even if you leave out the possibility that getting a job may give you other known possible side effects such as Guillain-Barr সিন syndrome, anaphylaxis, myocarditis, pericarditis, heart failure, thrombosis, brain damage, stroke, paralysis, Events. All told, investigative reporter Sheryl Atkison said that as of July 19 this year, more than 400,000 adverse effects had been recorded by VAERS. This number is now closing in at 600,000.

But reasonable people cannot ignore the adverse effects of vaccines and in a reasonable world they will not. Just last week, for example, Sweden and Denmark discontinued the modern vaccine for those under 30 years of age. Finland did the same for men under 30.

According to Reuters, “the Swedish health agency said it would stop using shots for people born in 1991 and later such data point to an increase in myocarditis and pericarditis in vaccinated adolescents. This condition includes inflammation of the heart or its lining.” After the dose, the connection became clear in the case of the modern vaccine SpikeVax, “the health agency said, the risk of infection was very low.”

Small or not, the risk is real. The question is why you should keep something in your body that could harm you or even kill you leaving it up to your healthcare provider. Why not be aware and then make your own decision.

Big Pharma defenders like Politifact say there is no evidence that vaccines have killed anyone, but to believe that you need to ignore not only the evidence from the VAERS data set, but also the countless human stories told in news reports about perfectly healthy men and women who suddenly and after vaccination. Often died horribly.

Now the point here. Knowing all this, if you or anyone else wants to take the COVID vaccine, God bless you, and all may be well. But don’t make that decision for me, and don’t blame me for making my own decision. I have a conscience, I have a brain and I have a God. They will tell me my decision along with science, but the decision should be mine alone. I learned long ago in Psychology 101 that it is formed when the baby first cries, “no” and then for now, I’m talking about any and all vaccine orders. I refuse. I am an independent citizen, not a subject under the will of my majestic nobility.

Yes, there is a chance that I will be infected with Kovid and will suffer as a result. But there is no guarantee that I will ever come in contact with the virus when it is in a dangerous state. If I am, I may be very ill or slightly ill or have no symptoms.

Absolutely make sure that if I get vaccinated, I am at risk of intentionally known side effects by injecting a vaccine into my arm that I do not believe. Only a madman would do that, or anyone would pay a lot more to walk with a crowd than me. I don’t want to die, but that’s not the worst thing that can happen. Forcing my most personal medical decision to Joe Biden or Anthony Fawcett is an insult to me and the founding fathers who fought to free us from oppression.

“Live or die freely” was their religion, if not yet a formal policy in 1776. About 250 years later, it seems more appropriate than ever.

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