Free assembly women’s jeans review

Hi, obsessive shopping here! Although I like to browse the web for the best items to buy from every lifestyle category, clothing is my weakness and denim is my obsession. Fortunately, I’ve been able to create my outfit for a tight range of styles like wide-leg silhouette, baggy design and bell-bottom – and I’m always looking to upgrade my lineup anyway. .

That said, it wasn’t until recently that I got my hands on a pair of black jeans, which seems ridiculous given the fact that I joked about my Uber-various denim wardrobe. But the thing is, I haven’t bought a new pair since my skinny jeans literally and figuratively surpassed (thanks, General Z). I wanted to find a pair that would be A) timeless and versatile and B) would not break the bank.

So while studying Walmart’s favorite free assembly line, I noticed full wide straight jeans ($ 29) that featured a high waist and a very cool flared hem. I chose six of my usual sizes, added them to my virtual shopping cart and prayed to the denim gods that they would be everything I expected and then something.

For the record, this wasn’t my first time buying clothes or accessories from Walmart recently (see: here), so I was quite optimistic when they arrived a few days later. After slipping into them, I was a little annoyed because they felt smooth, but as the days went by, they became so relaxed that they seemed like my perfect size. Naturally, there has been a photoshoot (please don’t judge me or my Korgi dog, Cooper, for dog hair).

Judgment? I absolutely love these free assembly jeans, so much so that I’ve already worn them twice since I picked them up a week ago. On both occasions, I paired them with my pair of black pointed toe boots and a t-shirt or a cropped tee, topped with a beige blazer. These jeans can cost as little as 29, but seriously they look like they could cost at least five times as much.

I’m confused, but whether you decide to add these black jeans to your cart or not, at least, take it as a tail sign not to fall asleep in Walmart fashion, especially now that its exclusive free assembly and scoop brands are killing it. I have a feeling you will thank me later.

Photo source: Popsugar Photography / Marissa Petrarca

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