France Focuses on Responsibility and Solidarity in Facing Global Challenges – Global Issue

“We have a shared responsibility to maintain international peace and security. We have a shared responsibility to address today’s major challenges and each of us individually has a responsibility to uphold values.

“For France, this is the time of the historic turmoil we are experiencing. We must all move forward to the challenge.”

Security Council ‘P5’ summit

Despite the recent attacks, the foundations of the multilateral system remain stable, although he warns against growing risks such as “more intense” power games and “block mentality” rearrangements.

France is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, along with China, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Mr Le Le Drian said his country was calling for a “P5 summit” to establish a joint program “so that the Security Council could fully implement its mandate and start a dialogue on key issues of arms control and our joint security.”

Humanitarian responsibility in Afghanistan

He visited several hotspots around the world and emphasized the need to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan.

“And it is in our common interest to have clear political and security requirements regarding the regime in Kabul: to sever all ties with the terrorist organization,” he said.

In addition, the fight against the threat of terrorism in West Asia and the Sahel region of Africa must continue, while the international community must remain “completely unequivocal” about Iran’s nuclear program.

“Iran can no longer be allowed to think that time is on its side because the more dangerous its nuclear program, the greater the risk of a major crisis,” he said. Said Le Drian.

“France will do everything in its power to encourage dialogue, but the only possible way forward is an agreement that will allow Iran to reaffirm its commitment. It is therefore imperative that the talks resume very soon. ”

Close ‘Vaccine Divide’

With the epidemic, Mr. Le Dryan stressed that the “vaccine divide” could not be allowed to become more widespread. He added that France would continue to work with partners, particularly in African countries, noting that “a commitment to provide 60 million doses by the end of the year will be achieved.”

He also highlighted the need for international solidarity, including the issue of economic recovery.

He said that even if the G20 countries set up debt suspension initiatives, they would have to go further. These include ensuring rapid allocation of special drawing rights (SDRs), a type of foreign reserve resource developed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the countries that need them the most. He said France was ready to transfer 20 percent of its SDR allocation to African countries.

‘Moments of Truth’ on Climate

The Secretary of State called for urgent action on climate change and the environment, serving as the “COP26 Climate Change Conference” as a “moment of truth”.

He urged countries to “assemble for the goal of climate neutrality by 2050”, noting that human lives, as well as international citizenship and future generations, are at risk.

“Here again, France will show its solidarity by providing billions of dollars a year and adapting to climate through more than one-third of its funding,” he added.

The full text, in English, is attached here.

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