Four venture capitalists have raised Erthas seed funds in just one day

Erthas Metavers, built on the Binthas smart chain, has just completed a seed funding round. The project has garnered interest from Venture Capital and ended with an additional subscribed seed round that was considered an excellent achievement for the basics of the project.

Ertha has raised money from 4 venture capitalists. Investors supported the project’s seed fund:

  • Mars 4
  • Terra Nova
  • X21
  • Speed ​​6

The NFT has attracted a lot of attention this year and has attracted investment from both individuals and organizations.

A little about Ertha

Ertha is a game that will revolve around a real world simulation where people will get jobs, build kingdoms, build industries, fight and much more. Check out Erthas’ white paper to learn more about the game’s concept and basic mechanics.

ERTHA is an economic, social MMO that has a world of 350,000 HEX land plots, for sale as NFT. Owning a HEX plot means that as the owner of the land you will earn a fee for each transaction on that plot. Ertha promises to become a profitable world with exciting deep mechanics for players interested in P2E games that will throw players into a metavars that provide the same sophistication and complexity as in the real world.

The game plans to offer players who invest their time in it, a method of earning constant revenue that will continue to grow as they gain more experience and own more assets.
The Ertha Foundation has so far invested US 2 2 million in game development.

Erthas plans and upcoming schedule

The seed round, which consists of 5% of the token supply (1 million tokens), will be followed by a personal round of 20% of the total token supply. A public round will be issued later, so that everyone can participate. Please see the token sales schedule for more information on token sales, release schedules, and fund allocations.

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