Four children have been killed on their way to school in northwestern Syria – a global issue

Ted Chaiban, UNICEF’s regional director for the Middle East and North Africa, said in a statement that they had been attacked at a market in Ariha, south of Idlib. Governorate is the last rebel enclave in the country.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it was the deadliest attack on Idlib since March 2020.

According to news reports, a total of ten people were killed in the Arihar attack, and 20 more were injured during the shelling.

Damascus attack

The number of children injured and killed continues to rise, Mr Chabain said, before a military bus was attacked in the capital, Damascus, on Wednesday.

According to media reports, two explosive devices attached to the bus exploded while passing under a bridge in the city center during the rush hour.

At least 14 people were reported killed, which the Sanaa State News Agency described as the deadliest attack on the Syrian capital in four years.

Today’s violence is another reminder that the war in Syria is not overd “, said the UNICEF official.

Protect children

“Civilians, many of whom are children, are suffering from a brutal decade-long conflict,” Mr Chabain added.

“Attacks on civilians, including children, are a violation of international humanitarian law. Children should be able to reach their schools safely, ”he stressed.

We are repeating our call to those who are fighting, not the children. They should always be protected, especially in times of conflict.

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