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Former Monroe developer Ricardo Spagnani has been released from a U.S. prison where he is said to have spent “seventy-one days in prison.” The release of the developer was requested by the South African authorities “for failing to submit in time in support of a return request”.

The South African government has failed to submit extradition documents

As previously reported by News, Spaghetti was arrested in the United States on his way to Mexico. His arrest by U.S. law enforcement was courtesy of a request from the South African government to extradite Spagnani.

However, after South African authorities failed to submit the documents required for the extradition hearing, a U.S. court later ordered Spagnani’s release. Now that Spagnani has been released from prison, his legal representatives, according to a report, are now seeking access to the documents used for his arrest.

“Spagna is now looking for information in its possession [US] The government, that is, South Africa, submitted for temporary arrest, ”the legal representatives explained.

Once received, lawyers said the information would be “used to make an informed decision on waiver of extradition while out of custody and to determine whether the arrest warrant was specified in the South African Temporary Arrest Request Agreement.”

Spagna is planning to return to South Africa

Meanwhile, Spagnio Sure He came out of jail through his Twitter account and is now working with his lawyers to find a solution to the fraud case. Spagnani tweeted:

I am very happy that the US court released me. I am actively working with my attorneys on my way back to South Africa as soon as possible so that I can deal with this issue and get it to me once and for all. This is what I have always wanted to do.

Spaghetti’s legal troubles began after her former employer, Cape Cookies, filed a 98,200 fraud charge against her. The crime is alleged to have taken place between October 1, 2009 and June 8, 2011, when Spagna was an employee of Cape Cookies.

After some delay, Spagna’s appearance in court was finally scheduled for March 2 and April 1, 2021. However, before the trial began, Spagnini flew from South Africa to Bermuda, where he stayed briefly before moving to the United States. It was supposed to happen.

It did not appear in a scheduled court hearing and asked the South African government to apply for extradition to U.S. law enforcement agencies.

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