Former Louisiana State Trooper Accused of Beating Black Motorist in 2019

May 13, 2019 Traffic stop of Louisiana State Trooper A black motorist needed six staples, including a broken jaw, ribs, wrists and head injuries.

Former State Trooper Jacob Brown,, 1, was indicted on Thursday (September 2nd) by a grand jury on charges of deprivation of rights under the color of the law. Associated Press. Aar-year-old Aaron Larry Brown was hit 1 times in 2 seconds with a flashlight, even “I’m not resisting! I’m not protesting! ”As seen in the graphic video footage.

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The footage was kept secret for more than two years, and state police did not investigate the bombing until 536 after the incident.

“I thought I’d die that night,” Bowman told The AP in an interview, tears welling up in his eyes. “It was like reviving everything again. Seeing this, I was all broken again. ”

State police said in a statement in August that Bowman was “involved in excessive and unreasonable activities.” Police say he failed to report the use of force to his supervisor and “intentionally incorrectly labeled” the footage recorded on the body camera.

Less than three weeks before Bowman’s attack, which happened near his home, another black driver, Ronald Green, died in police custody “along a rural road” in northeast Louisiana. It’s just 20 miles from Bowman’s tragic encounter. Parallel to Bowman’s attack, a video of Green’s death floated under the carpet for two years before the review.

Prior to his resignation in March, former State Trooper Brown had a total of two use of force in 2015.

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There have been more than a dozen cases in the past decade where soldiers or their officers have ignored or concealed evidence of beatings. AP Investigation. A Louisiana State Police survey found that 67 percent of its power was used against blacks. Civil rights groups have called on the U.S. Department of Justice to conduct “pattern and practice” tests for their potential racial profiling.

State Police Chief Lamar Davis said he welcomed the idea of ​​an investigation if the department sees it as a necessary step. But first, Davis wants the department to have the opportunity to work on issues; He says they have already started working on the matter.

The U.S. Department of Justice said in a statement that “the department has previously acknowledged that an ongoing criminal investigation is underway into incidents involving Louisiana State Police that have resulted in the deaths or bodily harm of detainees.”

Donasia Banks-Miley, Bowman’s lawyer, called the allegations a “sigh of relief.”

If convicted, Brown faces up to a single decade in prison, only on federal charges.

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