Former ‘Idol’ contestant Saisha Mercado has reunited with her son

Singer and actress Saisha Mercado, who was in 200 American Idol The finalist was finally reunited with her son from the Florida Department of Children and Family in March 2020 due to allegations of malnutrition.

On October 2, Mercado wrote on Instagram, “Amen is officially home !!!”

In the video, his partner Tyrone Diner explained that they must receive “six months of supervision” from child care officers “so that we can show that we are able to raise our own child.”

In another video posted on his Instagram on October 5, Diner said, “We have to weigh our son. He is not allowed to lose weight. He needs therapy where they monitor his game … and he still has an appointment. “

According to Miami HeraldOn Feb. 2, Mercado and his partner Tyrone Diner took Amen to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida because he had not received fluids. The child was then charged with malnutrition against Mercado and Diner. He was celebrated at the end of March.

The Manhattan County Sheriff’s Office claims hospital staff said Mercado and Diner rejected B-12 intramuscular shots for the baby, which they both denied.

Mercado recently gave birth to a newborn. On August 11, Mercado and Dinner were stopped by police and the newborn was taken from them, according to a video posted on the Miami Herald and her Instagram. There was reportedly a court order to return the 10-day-old baby to the hospital for a checkup.

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Eventually the newborn was returned but they did not have a son.

In August, Denisha Prendergast, founder of the social justice organization We Have the Right to Be Right, said: Miami Herald Because of the open case with their son, the authorities “have a right to her unborn child. If they see fit, they can remove the child.”

He further added that the couple was being targeted because “the family has chosen to stand up for their rights. They are being targeted as examples. ”

The Miami Herald Sene Smith, chief physician of the Pinellas County Child Protection Team, has been named in the case as “one of the strongest figures in the regional child welfare system and has long been criticized by defense lawyers, parents and child welfare workers for his aggressive approach.”

Attorney Benjamin Krump, representing the family, said in an August statement, “On March 11, 2021, the Manati County Sheriff’s Office (Department of Child Protection Specialists,‘ MCSO ’) unjustly and forcibly removed Saisha Mercado (American Idol finalist) and Tyrone Diner. The son, Amen’s Saba, after their care they sought medical help for him. On August 1, 2021, Saisha gave birth to a happy, healthy baby girl. Ten days later, on August 11, 2021, a team of masked officers and vehicles confronted and separated Saisha, Tyrone and the newborn on their way to the CPS office in a suspicious and overly public police force demonstration on the side of the road. ”

The statement continued, “The inhuman and insensitive child threat has been captured on Saisha’s 1 hour + live stream video feed on social media which has aroused international outrage and support for reuniting this family, garnering nearly 3 million Instagram views. The removal of two incompletely forcible children from a loving home has caused unimaginable trauma for Saisha and the family. Saisha and Tyrone are ready to fight discrimination and oppression against them by legal means with their lawyer, Derrick McBurrows, SQ. And Louis the Baptist, Esq. ”

Fortunately, their two children are now at home.

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