Former DOJ antitrust chiefs have called on the Senate to confirm Jonathan Cantor

Jonathan Cantor, Antitrust Law Attorney.


Nine former heads of the Justice Department’s antitrust department wrote letters Thursday to leaders of the Senate and its Judiciary Committee, asking them to confirm President Joe Biden’s nominee for the post, Jonathan Cantor.

The letter is an interesting demonstration of the bilateral support behind Canter, who was a progressive favorite and a critic of Big Tech for the role. Among the signatories is at least one representative from every administration since President Gerald Ford. Among them is former President Donald Trump’s distrust chief Makan Delrahim.

“While we may disagree on some issues of distrust, we share two important suffixes,” former officials wrote. “First, we need a leader in the distrust department who is smart and experienced, who appreciates the important role in implementing distrust in our economy, and who can inspire talented men and women in the department to continue their efforts to promote competition in all fields. Second, we agree that There are skills to do the job well. “

They added that many of the signatories saw Cantor’s work firsthand when he served as a trial attorney at the Federal Trade Commission and later as a private practice attorney.

“He knows the element of distrust. He appreciates its importance to American consumers. He is a smart and outspoken lawyer. He respects his opponent and inspires his colleagues and co-counsel,” they wrote. “In short, we believe Mr. Kantar is right for this important position.”

Here is the full list of signatories:

Donald I. Baker, Assistant Attorney General 1976 – 1977

Sunford Litwick, Assistant Attorney General 1980 – 1981

Charles F. Rule, Assistant Attorney General 1986 – 1989

James F. Reel, Assistant Attorney General 1989 – 1992

Joel I. Klein, Assistant Attorney General 1996 – 2000

Thomas and Burnett, Assistant Attorney General 2006-2008

Christine A. Verney, Assistant Attorney General 200 – – 2011

William J. Bear, Assistant Attorney General 2013 – 2016

Makan Delrahim, Assistant Attorney General 2017 – 2021

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