Former Arizona AG Boat Condemns Cyber ​​Ninjas ‘Grift’

A former Arizona Republican attorney general attacked the cyber ninjas company for engineering a vote audit “graft” in the state on Saturday.

The biased company hired by the state’s Republican-run Senate has confirmed that Joe Biden has won the presidential election ঠিক just as state officials agreed shortly after the vote count. But Donald Trump has continued Rail against “fake news” For search reports.

Former AG Grant Woods told CNN that he was amazed at how the inexperienced company’s “100% operation” went. But he was convinced that there was never a worthy work to be done.

“They’re doing it for the money,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. We have a lot of grifters. I was the Attorney General for a few years. I deal with grifters every day. This is how they work. ”(Watch the video above.)

Woods believes the ninjas will now try similar operations in other states.

“You would think that they would say it didn’t work, we would go home, it would be bad for what happened – no, they didn’t. They never give up, ”Woods said. “They move on to the next sign. The next sign is [other] State. “

Trump insists the Ninjas found “inconsistencies” in at least “four” more votes than Biden lost. But the concerns raised in the report prepared by Ninja have been dismissed by election officials as a stupid, biased question from an inexperienced company that already has no real knowledge of the ballot process.

For example, Cyber ​​Ninja insisted that the files be deleted. According to election officials, none were removed, although there are some archives, which the company did not bother to find.

“Cyber ​​Ninja’s views stem from the misuse and misunderstanding of information provided by the county and match the narrative that something went wrong,” Maricopa County Board Chairman Jack Sellers said in a statement after the company’s three-hour presentation.

He said Senate Republicans at Friday’s hearing allowed the company to raise questions completely unreasonably “irresponsible and dangerous.”

At the end of Ninjas’ presentation, Republican Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richar told The Arizona Republic that he was thinking: “What was the whole point of it?”

Critics complained that the audit – known as “fraud” – was so slippery, with a chain of custody, that countless ballots could be dropped or altered.

The operation was suspicious from the start. The company is led by a QAnon conspiracy theorist who was convinced before the operation began that “millions” of votes would be available for Trump. Ballots have been strangely tested for bamboo marks to prove that the Chinese vote has been hacked. And voter information truck loads were encouraged in a cabin in Montana Woods, 1,300 miles from where the vote was cast. The audit was scheduled to end in May.

Oddly enough, in a message on Friday, Trump himself referred to the cyber ninjas operation as “fraud.”

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