Forget 007. Boris from Barcelona to Real James Bond style icon

Few movie icons are more beloved, acclaimed and respected than James Bond. And important to Bond’s appeal is Bond’s personality, carefully crafted films for decades that are desirable and desirable – cars, toys, beautiful demeanor and (of course) fashion. 007 Lifestyle has created watch and car collaborations, the whole site is dedicated to people, and even blog posts have prolonged the history of the single look. But over time, the appeal of the Bond Lifestyle has waned: There is no time to die, The latest image of the franchise is said to be about the place of spies in the world, related to women. Helpfully, there is an unconventional style icon – for the moment, and for the time being – sitting in plain sight. Of 1995 Golden eyes Notable for being the first Pierce Brosnan Bond adventure, as well as the foundation of one of the all-time favorite video games. But it is the birthplace of an actual style legend, whose fashion merits will not be recognized even after a full two decades.

Enter Boris Grishenko.

Alan Cumming in the role of Boris Grishenko Golden eyes, 1995.Everett Collection / Courtesy of United Artists

Stay with us here. Of Alan Cumming Golden eyes The villain was once praised দ্বারা by this site! Time heals all wounds, and a review of Boris’s sartorial choice in 2020 reveals that he finally got his last smile. In a handful of scenes, Boris provides an earlier template for men’s casual style.

Boris appears first Golden eyesThe Siberian sequence, quickly surpassing the U.S. Department of Defense’s cyber security, demonstrates hacking skills effortlessly. At first glance, we might say-his beat-to-hell biker jacket, hoodie with graphic tee Upstairs Of course, and matching trousers – he differs from his more traditional theatrical colleagues. A vault boy-esque graphic tee and statement leather jacket, a monochromatic look for most of the clothing you’ve probably already hung in your closet. Overall, Boris’s look manages to reflect punk, anti-installation sensitivities through his hacking throughout the movie-a great option to wear while working on a quick weekend.

Although a little hard to tell on screen, Boris ’second outfit is the Red-Wine Winter Park which is complete with fur-trimming: basically the Canadian Goose before it became popular. She has decorated it on top of the leather jacket mentioned above for a dress that is no different from what you will see from any frozen cityscape of 2021. Yet, true to his nature, the Parker Marlot color stands out differently. Siberia, especially in 1995, doesn’t seem to be the most fashion-forward among the cities, so we believe the color is a deliberate choice, another way to stay away from the crowd of Boris “slugheads” that he hates.

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