For left-wing activists, the Kirsten movie ends right at the bathroom door

We all watched the video. Arizona Senator Kirsten Cinema enters a restroom, probably to do what people do when they enter the restroom. But he is not alone.

Extremist leftist activists are annoyed that he has the courage to question, and at least for now, oppose a huge spending bill in front of Congress, follow him. The door

Multiple news reports have indicated that their leftists are launching a campaign against the movie.

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Left’s message to the movie: Get used to it

So why do leftists put loom fruit in a bundle in senator movies?

Currently, he and Sen. Joe Manchin are standing in the way of Joe Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion Behemoth Reconciliation Bill that will basically stick the government finger in every area of ​​American life.

Manchin says he is comfortable with anything between $ 1.5 and $ 2.2 trillion but will not vote on anything else.

Cinema says he can’t support the bill’s current price tag.

And with that, the leftists have declared war on Kirsten cinema and apparently, there is nothing off the table. A grassroots group called Our Revolution has promised to shadow the movie until they find their way and she says she will support the bill.

“It’s simple and easy,” said Joseph Givergis, executive director of Our Revolution.

“We are committed to doggling Kirsten Cinema to the end with his elements. What we want to show is that his elements are very serious about seeking policy and activism and we will make his life unpleasant or uncomfortable until we do.”

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Not a Republican or Democrat issue

Let’s not be children ourselves. The media describes Kirsten’s movie as “moderate” and she’s probably fine. But he’s a Democrat, and his mission in life is not to be the BFF of Republicans. But before we dismiss this fact, let’s travel to Memory Lane, because it’s not a new strategy.

In 2018, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders went to a restaurant in the Washington DC area to have lunch with her family. The owner told him to leave immediately. Why? Because in his position as press secretary, he defended the principles of the president he served, a Donald J. Trump.

Of course, it’s the right of business owners, you might say. But does America expect that kind of society?

Texas Senator Ted Cruz and his wife were harassed at a restaurant where they had to move. His position on the then Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanagh.

We know the story of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and his neighbor. We are all angry to hear these stories. But why are we angry? Are we angry because they are our people? Are they “by our side”?

Shouldn’t we be equally outraged that Kirsten Cinema, whether she’s a Republican or a Democrat, can’t enter the lounge and expect a minute of privacy?

Even when the leader of the “women’s group”, President Joe Biden, was asked, he removed it and said he did not approve of the tactics, but that it was “part of the process.”

Is that true?

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A question of morality

It has been said many times and it is true. Politics is a blood game, dogs eat dogs. Representative Maxine Waters called on the crowd to confront Trump supporters if they prove their blood game is getting worse.

Republicans have always insisted on being good boys, taking the high road. It’s a fair question to ask how it worked for us.

Some will say it is not good at all. But even when we disagree with someone politically, why is it too much to let someone in red or blue, have dinner with his family or go to the restroom?

After all, we are talking about an expense bill. We are not talking about harassing a senator who voted for no reason to send your child to war in Vietnam.

We already knew that the Left was pushing away issues like basic humanity in their programs. And we’ve seen in the case of Kirsten movies that they even brush it up in the case of people on their own side.

If Sen protects the Republicans in cinema, will that be the case with them? There is no way to know. I think so.

But if we want to be consistent, we have to protect the Sen movie. If someone’s argument and position on the left or right is valid enough, they will have to endure a five-minute rest break.

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