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If you are reading this article Bitcoin Magazine, Then there are probably many similarities between you and me. Apparently, we both fell into the bitcoin rabbit hole. See if it sounds like you:

Going to the gym? I’ll hear Guy Swann narrate an essay then be pumped about it (it’s the amazing energy that he brings to his podcast alone in the middle of the night). Got a bunch of monotonous work at work? I think I’ll listen to John Wallis talk about psychology, war and philosophy. Or maybe I’m going to a golf course that’s 30 minutes away. Perfect, I’ll start a Breedlove podcast and finish it on the way back. I hope Michael Siler is on. I love when he tells me how Bitcoin complies with the laws of thermodynamics and is the most efficient battery ever made. Oh, and my girlfriend wants to go out with some friends on Friday night? I have already downloaded Murray Rothbird’s “Anatomy of the State” and plan to listen to the audiobook on the porch with a glass of bourbon in hand.

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