Florida police have charged a man with killing two mothers in separate incidents within a week

St. Petersburg police arrested a man on Wednesday (Oct. 1) who was already in prison in connection with the death of a 5-year-old woman, on charges of murdering a second woman.

Why KnightA spokesman for the St. Petersburg Police Department said investigators did not believe the shots were related and that the target of the alleged gunman was not a woman. Tyrone Jackassall, 21, according to Tampa Bay Times.

There were significant similarities in the tragic events. Jackson complained that they fired at the victims, both mothers of two children, while they were sitting in the car.

Jackassal was arrested shortly after the murder charge K Mia Simmons, 21, 300 March. A few days later, police said he had been fatally shot Emily Grot. DNA evidence linked him to the first murder.

The suspect has been held in Pinellas County Jail without bail since police arrested him on April 5 on charges of murdering Simmons.

With this new arrest, he faces charges of two second-degree murders in two shootings.

According to police, Grot was sitting in the passenger seat of a car in a parking lot when Jackassal fired at the back passenger door around 10:50 p.m., the bullet entered the door and hit Grot in the back. A forensic analysis of the 9mm handgun casing at the scene matched Jackasal’s DNA profile.

During another shooting, Simmons was holding his child, 1, in a Volvo when Jacksal fired at the car, police said. Her 2-year-old child was sitting in the back seat. Investigators believe the father of the young child was the target of Jacqueline, who was an accomplice of another man who was allegedly shot and abducted by Jacqueline in March.

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According to Bar, Jackson’s attorney asked the judge to assess the merits of his client. If found ineligible, authorities will take him to a mental health center for treatment until he faces trial.

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