Florida man captures hissing alligator using trash bin in wild viral video

Seeing a man in Florida grab a hissing alligator using his military training and a garbage bin on Tuesday became a viral sensation.

Eugene Bozi, an experienced Army commander, posted a viral video of his unique fighting style on his Instagram with the caption, “Crazy day in Florida.”

“I don’t know the method,” Bozi told WESH-TV in Orlando, “so I made it my own.”

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As seen in the video, Boji is seen tapping into an open garbage can as he approached a six-foot-long reptile at his home in Mount Dora, about miles miles northwest of Orlando. As Gator slowly retreated, he was heard to say, “Let me know when the head goes inside.”

When Bozzi throws the lick, it hits the head of the guitar, causing the giant hunter to begin to kill. Eventually, the gator is able to fit inside the container, and Bozzi stops chewing, delighting the audience.

“So I got the trash cans, saw some things on TV,” Bozie told Fox 35 Orlando. “I knew if I put it in front of the trash can, he could at least get inside or think it was a face and a retreat, which he kind of did. I overwhelmed him and threw him inside and let him walk safely, that was it. . “

According to the station, Boji then took the container to a nearby lake and dropped the alligator into the water.

“His weight was heavier than I thought,” Bozi added, “so I thought he was kind of heavy, and then when I got him there he was really strong, it felt like a guy was trying to hit inside. Trying to get upstairs and I waited for her to calm down and it was done. “

The incident prompted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to tell Floridians concerned about the torch, “Don’t hold trash cans.”

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The commission wrote on Twitter, “Call our hotline and we can send a real alligator trapper.”

But the veteran and Philadelphia resident said the encounter was a “thought of the moment,” according to the New York Post.

Boji said he was talking to his nephew in his garage when he heard “a little noise outside.” He said his daughter was riding the bike when he told her, “Hey this big alligator whispers at me!”

“I went there and it was bigger than me. There were other people’s kids there too,” Boji told the paper. “Kick military instincts – and, you know, defend at any cost.”

A user on Twitter Is called Encounter “The most Florida thing I’ve seen in months.”

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Boji told the Post that he would probably call it “wildlife rescue” next time.

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