Florida AG crushes judge’s ‘disgusting’ verdict against state ban on sanctuary cities

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has strongly criticized a recent ruling by a federal judge that blocked state bans on sanctuary cities. In “Fox and Friends”, Moody called the verdict “unreasonable” and warned that it could be a threat to the safety of Americans.

Florida Governor Ron de Santis signed the bill into law in 2019 as a top priority. U.S. Judge Beth Bloom on Tuesday overturned parts of the law, saying it was racially motivated and there was no evidence to explain why the law was needed to reduce crime.

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In Bloom’s conclusion, he wrote that anti-immigrant hate groups helped guide the bill’s sponsor.

He writes: “A significant departure from the procedural rules that allow anti-immigrant hate groups to be heavily involved in the legal process of a bill that encourages xenophobic, nationalist, racist ideologies.”

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Moody, however, said the allegation was “meaningless.”

“We have repeatedly seen judges across the country who may not personally agree with the law and they will deliver results and verdicts that I believe are unfounded and not based on the law, what they personally believe the law should be followed,” he said.

Moody insisted the judge’s ruling “tied hands” with Florida’s leadership and law enforcement.

“We have fought to ensure that Florida is a state governed by law, so that we do everything in our power to protect our citizens, and to ensure that the hands of law enforcement are not tied to the removal of illegal occupants, criminals who are deported to protect our community. Will be done, ”Moody said.

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“Seeing a judge come and tie our hands again. It’s disgusting. And I think it undermines the security and safety and stability of this state and our country as a whole.”

Moody said his lawyers will continue to fight in court against the verdict and others involved in immigration policy.

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“We have to fight on both sides,” he said. “But I can tell you, Governor Desantis and I will continue to do so with an ounce of energy and passion towards us in court.”

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