Five people have been killed in a bow and arrow attack in a Norwegian city

Norwegian police are investigating a possible terrorist attack after a man killed five people using a bow and arrow.

Police in Konsberg, about 100 miles[0 km]west of the capital, Oslo, said there was “a basis for assessing whether it was a terrorist attack” after the number of people killed in the attack was confirmed.

They said the two were seriously injured and were not in a life-threatening condition while in hospital, including a duty policeman.

Overnight, police charged the 37-year-old Danish national. His defense lawyer told Norwegian media he had cooperated with police and shared details of the attack early Thursday.

Norwegian police issued a temporary order for officers to carry weapons after the attack on Wednesday evening.

Police declined to give further details or speculate on the motive but confirmed that there were clashes between the attackers and officers after the suspect initially fled, warning shots were fired.

“We keep it open, it could be a terrorist attack,” local police chief Obind As told an emergency news conference.

Within half an hour, the killers roamed the city of 28,000 people, including a co-op supermarket where a policeman on duty was injured.

Norway has been hit by a spate of terrorist attacks by right-wing extremists in recent years, including the 2011 attack on a government building in Oslo by the then-ruling Labor Party’s youth camp.

Prime Minister Irna Solberg, who will resign before the change of government in Oslo on Thursday, said on Wednesday night: “The news is terrible. The events move us. I understand that many are scared. That’s why it’s important to emphasize that the police are in control. ”

“What we heard tonight from Konsberg testify that a brutal and brutal act has been committed,” said Jonas Gaher Store, a Labor leader who won last month’s election.

The attack on Kongsburg, Norway’s largest defense agency, was the day the new center-left government presented its policy agenda before the new king was sworn in.

Kingsburg Mayor Curry Annie Sand said: “This is a tragic event that we rarely believed could happen in Norway.”

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