Five of the most heinous Nazi medical examinations

By Ross Pomeroy for Real Clear Science

During the Holocaust, the twisted ‘ethics’ of the Nazi party yielded the results of heinous medical tests. While the policy of German doctors focuses on the health of the individual towards the collective health of society, horrible things can be justified at the expense of the ‘unwanted’ person as long as such activities promote the well-being of everyone else.

It was under this erroneous mentality, tempted by the greed for unlimited funds and resources, that Nazi scientists carried out all sorts of oppressive experiments, primarily in concentration camps, on reluctant humanities. It killed more than 15,000 people and left more than 400,000 scarred, sterile or crippled.

The end result of this horrific episode in medical history was the Nuremberg Code, a set of ten rules framed in the context of the “doctors’ trial” in Nuremberg, Germany, to ensure that human trials were conducted ethically.

The principles listed in the Code include accepting voluntary consent of participants, avoiding all unnecessary inconvenience, and allowing subjects to complete a test whenever they wish.

Although Nazis have been removed from scientific atrocities for decades, we must not forget them, lest they be repeated in certain numbers. Here are the five most heinous Nazi medical tests:

1. Wound subject to test drugs.

Nazi doctors regularly treated participants on battlefield-like wounds without administering anesthesia to test the effectiveness of various compounds that encouraged infection prevention and healing. Often, they will apply bacteria to the wound site or rub into a clay glass or wood shaver. One survivor recalls:

Wikimedia Commons – Leo Alexander, the second person to explain the medical test. 1 November 22 On November 22, defendants Harta Oberhauser and Fritz Ernest Fischer were harmed.

“They made a cut about 10 centimeters long and 2 centimeters wide on my arm above the palm of my hand. Today I realize that the surgery that was performed on me without anesthesia was intentionally performed with equipment that was not sterilized for infection. At that time they began to exchange bandages with various ated powdered creams and liquids. The bandage was not wrapped around the arm but only covered the wound. Every day they would check the cut and every time the cut was supposed to heal, they reopened it and started the whole thing from scratch.

2. Dissection and replacement examination.

In particularly stupid and shameless experiments, scientists at the Ravensbrাকck concentration camp cut off the limbs of prisoners – again, without anesthesia – to see if these limbs could be easily transplanted into others, perhaps in hopes of providing replacement materials to wounded Nazi soldiers. The tests failed.

3. High-altitude study.

The Nazi SS doctor Sigmund created one of the most lethal experiments in Russia. He and members of the Luftwaffe Medical Service placed more than 200 detainees in the Dachau concentration camp in low-pressure chambers to simulate the effects of high-altitude on one human after another, trying to use the results to force German pilots to evacuate high in the air.

Due to lack of oxygen and altitude sickness, 80 people died and the rest were killed for autopsy. It is rumored that Rasha occasionally detached the brains of prisoners while the subjects were alive in order to observe the immediate effects of high-altitude on the limb.

4. Survival in sea water.

Also in Dachau, physician Hans Eppinger examined whether humans could survive by drinking seawater for six to twelve days. Ninety people were deprived of food and forced to endure the process. At the end of the study, most were severely injured by dehydration and starvation. Why can’t people survive by drinking sea water?

According to NOAA, “The human kidney can only produce urine that is less salty than salt water. Therefore, to get rid of all the excess salt from drinking seawater, you need to urinate more than you drink. Eventually, you die of dehydration even though you are thirsty. ”

5. Frozen test.

Perhaps the most infamous experiment has explored hypothermia. Rashar and others wanted to find the best way to keep Nazi military personnel in the icy waters or to escape the extreme winter cold.

Thus, about 200 prisoners in the Dachau are submerged for hours in ice baths or naked in the cold. Once their bodies reached a surprisingly low temperature of about ০ degrees Fahrenheit, Nazi doctors tried various ways to revive them, from warm sleeping bags to baths, sunlamps, and even sex (yes, sex).

About one-third of the tenants died. Nazi physicians determined that warming people in hot water saved the most lives.

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