Five new alpine retreats Financial times

Chalet La Fenis, Cervinia, Italy

The Italian resort south of Matterhorn had always had a weak relationship with the Swiss party’s neighbor Germat. This season, the balance will be somewhat reduced thanks to, by the end of next month, Cervinia’s first super-chalet, La Fennis. Sitting on a grassy plateau above the resort, Calette was built in 1936 for a wealthy Italian engineering family but was in ruins.

The new British owners left the same footprint and embarked on a journey towards a sympathetic reconstruction but added an extra floor below ground level. It now has seven double bedrooms, a 10-meter indoor pool, private cinema and five staff. There are two driver-driven Land Rovers in hand to take guests around the resort.

Best of all, perhaps, are two porches and five roofs that create an exciting situation – looking at the roof of Cervinia on one side, up to the lion’s share of the Matterhorn on the other. Weeks, for 14 people, half-board and afternoon tea, with fine wines and staff, cost from 65,000

Kempinski Palace, Engelberg, Switzerland

Former Grandhotel Winterhouse, a Sand epoch The pile, originally opened in 1904, was reopened this summer after five years of building work, which emerged as the Smart Hotel in Engelberg. An extension has been added, and there is a light-filled top-floor spa, but much of the historical style has been retained and the purpose of the Palace Bar and Cigar Lounge is to “revive the roaring twenties.” About twice as much as SFr520 (412) per night;

K2 Chogori, Val d’Isere, France

A clear indication of Val D’Isar’s Move Upmarket: the old Maurice Pub and the rugged and ready-made hotel above it have been demolished from the three-strong K2 group hotels in Korchwell (one of which is “Palace” “state” and a two-Michelin star restaurant). The hotel in Val d’Isre, opened Dec. 17, covers two dark wood and stone arches, 21 rooms, a spa and a Peruvian restaurant. Doubles 540 bles per night with breakfast;

Hotel Edelweiss, Prolagnan, France

The Alpine Chaff flies less than five miles from Korchwell, but far from the world in terms of atmosphere and customers, Prologanan-la-Vanois is a low-key farming village at the edge of the vast desert of Vanois National Park. This winter, it gets its first four-star hotel, 2-room Edelweiss, in the center of the village and just near the car. Dozens of lifts and 30km pistos are not only connected to the 600km hill with the top of the Troyes Wallis hill but provide peace, great views and some great off-pist. Double from € 180 per night, half board;

Hygna Chalets, Reith im Alpbachtal, Austria

If your dream ski trip is to escape the crowds and find peace in the view of the ancient mountains, this might be the perfect choice. Hygna is an ideal aspect of Alpine Hamlet: a collection of 11 chocolate-box chalets surrounded by fields and forests in the gorgeous Alpbach Valley.

Although they look traditional, the chalets are actually brand new, and so come with great bathrooms and kitchens, saunas and, in some cases, outdoor rotations. An old thatched barn has a large pool, which also has yoga sessions. Breakfast is served at the chalet, followed by a short drive to the ski Jewel area. Chalets for two from € 432 per night;

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