Fitbit Charge 5 Review: Our new favorite fitness tracker

Over the years Since Fitbit first released the Fitbit tracker একটি a tiny, clothes-like pedometer that debuted in 2008 করেছে the company has adopted a number of strategies to stay at the forefront of the field it helped create. It added music, integration with trackers like Tile and partnership with Deepak Chopra. Google finally bought the company.

But despite the stiff competition from the Fitbit Apple Watch, its trackers have always won me over. They are attractive, affordable, easy to use and simple. I’m not a competitive powerlifter, and I don’t want to drop body fat below 15 percent; I also don’t want to be addicted, or be ruled by my fitness tracker. I just want a device that will tell time, gently scratch me towards a little healthier behavior, and let me ignore it the rest of the time.

This sweet place is where Fitbit excels. Charge 4 was my favorite fitness tracker for most people, and even without being able to test its most notable new feature – the new Daily Readiness Score, which I am very excited to write about – Charge 5 still fits the bill. It’s interesting and simple and has all the features you need and you don’t have.

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Last year’s charge has a sharp look and a black bezel. In contrast, the Charge 5 is softer and more organic, with curved edges on the gold bezel (and no “fitbit” written anywhere, thank God). As always, it is offered in a huge variety of colors and has lots of accessories. If you are an active person, I immediately suggest replacing the standard solid silicone strap for perforated sports strap or nylon band. Charge 5 is wide enough that the bottom of the standard silicone strap can collect sweat and irritate your skin.

It has a nice crisp, full-color AMOLED screen that is wider, 10 percent larger and twice as bright as the Charge 4 display-the perfect size if you want a free tracker if you don’t want a smartwatch. I’ve tried smaller fitbites like the Inspiration 2 and Lux, but their screen and induction-touch buttons weren’t too awesome and responsive. Fortunately, the Charge 5 drops that annoying touch button on the bezel. The screen is also wide enough that it immediately registers my sweaty tubes and tries to finish the run instead of forcing me to look at the screen, as I did with Lux.

You have the option to keep the display on at all times, although this will significantly reduce battery life. With multiple tracked activities per day, the Charge 5’s battery lasts about a week. The accelerometer also seems to have improved; The screen glows with the smallest jerk of my wrist, so I don’t always need the feature.

Like the Charge 4, the 5 has an onboard GPS that accurately tracks your speed and distance for outdoor activities. However, unlike many other GPS-enabled fitness trackers, it also has Connected GPS. Onboard GPS is useful if you don’t want to carry your phone, but I usually run my phone outside. I was shocked to see how quickly the Charge 5 marked my location with a connected GPS compared to a Coros or Garmin watch that occasionally knocked on my front door.

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