Few watches are more fun or more affordable than Kid Chudi’s G-Shock

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The timepieces that celebrities wear to watch every week can feel painful out of reach. But you don’t have to be a member of the Forbes list to enjoy watch collections. Look no further than Kid Cudy, who sat on the courtside after a loving and exclusively accessible G-shock at the Lakers game this week. Cudi’s special watch was part of a larger collaboration between the rapper and the A bathing app released earlier this year, but he’s not the only celebrity who knows you can spend great time with a watch that doesn’t run four (or more!) Stats. In the last 12 months, John Mayer has released its own version of the model with Hodinki, NASA has created a full-white iteration of the piece, and Bamford, which typically works with luxury brands like Tag Heuer or Chopard, has also created its own G. -Shock. Kudi wasn’t so much an outlier in the Lakers game: Jack Nicholson, sitting a long way from Chudi on Tuesday night, wore a Timex Easy Reader.

Also this week, we’re trying something new: because the only thing funnier than watches is collecting them yourself, we recommend watches at splurge-level and affordable points so that your wrist is courtesy-, paparazzi-, and the red carpet is ready.

Andrew D. Bernstein

Baby Chudi Casio G-Shock x BAPE x Baby Chudi

Bape and G-Shock are long-term partners – so much so that almost every time the brand collaborates with an artist or designer, it blends into one of these watches. Tri-Colab works particularly well with Cody, who worked at a bap store in New York City before embarking on a successful music career. This watch is a lot of fun: pink bezel with blue and yellow accents to go with a multi-colored blue and red band and yellow band keeper.

Casio G-Shock x BAPE x Kid Chudi

Splurge: There’s nothing to spend too much on here, honestly. The watch quickly sold out from official retailers after its release but is still available on sites like StockX for less than $ 500 বেশ quite accessible compared to other celebrity wristwear.

Affordable choice: If $ 470 is too rich for your blood, then there is a comparative mainline G-Shock Baby-G. At $ 80 you will find a watch with chunkiness and color for toes from Cudder to Toe. The Baby-G is technically a women’s line, but the 42.6mm case of the watch is heavy enough.

Adam Pantoji

Patek Philip Aquant of James Corden

While Patek Philip’s other sporty model, Nautilus, has long enjoyed the warm glow of the spotlight, Aquant is no longer content to be his neglected younger brother. Among the Hollywood elite, Aquant is the new choice: last month, Ringo Starr, Kumail Nanjiani and now wearing the cordon watch. The new focus around the clock is not so surprising. Patek is shutting down the most popular version of Nautilus this year while promoting around Aquanto with new models.

Splurge: Good luck finding Aquanaut at a list price of 21,650. Instead, get rid of the waiting list and inflated second market price headaches with this Piaget Polo Date. Piaget is known for its super-slim luxury sports watches, but this shares the curve of the Polo Aquanaut.

Affordable choice: In fact there is a Seiko 5 sports watch called the “Seikonaut” which is the gold standard for the affordable Aquanaut alternative. Unfortunately, like the real thing, Seconot is not so easy to find. But if you like corded watches, it probably means you appreciate sports watches with case shapes like rubber straps and cushions. In that case, you can do a lot worse than this Seiko Prospex unless you also have money from Carpool Karaoke.

Mike Marsland

Regé-Jean Page’s Longines Flagship Heritage

It may be fresh out of the box, but looking at Page’s longings it looks like it has been passed down through the generations. This is no accident: the design of the watch is based on 1957 models. The watch – a new but classic – is a nice fit with Page, who is a young gunman with a 2021-like lead-man Gravitas needed to pull the Dracy vintage pieces into it.

Longines Flagship Heritage

Splurge: Longines Flagship Heritage, a Nifty worth 1,675.

Affordable choice: When Longins was inspired in the late 50’s, this Timex Marlin got its design from a 60’s era watch. But both share the common dial design of that previous era and a useful date function.

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